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Boots of the Emperor's Minister

Legendary Leg Armor

It's all for the sake of appearances.

300-330 Defense
39 Power

Armor Perks

Restorative Warlock Armor RESTORATIVE WARLOCK ARMOR Improved recovery.
Mobility Enhancement Mod Increased Mobility
Plasteel Reinforcement Mod Increased Resilience.

Armor Mods

Default Shader Restores your gear to its default colors.

Lore: Boots of the Emperor's Minister

It's all for the sake of appearances.

Your reassimiliation into the empires is likely to be cause for concern. You'll understand that it will come with some preconditions. After all, we can't have it appear that I've played favorites. But there's no cause for alarm; your reeducation is merely a formality. While I may forgive you, the rest of the empire will need some time. It's important to show the people how you have changed. It won't be forever, just however long it takes to earn your place at my side once more.