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Meridian Bay Sources

Meridian Bay's Icon
This item can drop in Meridian Bay on Mars.
Red River Mk. 40's Icon

Red River Mk. 40 Heavy Weapons / Machine Gun

It'll live up to its name, just as long as the target actually bleeds something red.
Trax Mallus III's Icon

Trax Mallus III Primary Weapons / Scout Rifle

This marksman rifle features a smart gel barrel bath usually found on sophisticated precision weapons.
Glimmer's Icon

Glimmer Glimmer / Currency

The currency of the City. A programmable matter used as a source of power before the Collapse. Glimmer is shared between all your characters.
Relic Iron's Icon

Relic Iron Materials / Material

A post-Collapse material of extraordinary density.
Cryptid 4.6's Icon

Cryptid 4.6 Leg Armor / Leg Armor

Autonomy is a Hunter's watchword. Far from the City, you must be swift, bold, and decisive.
Arihant Type 1's Icon

Arihant Type 1 Leg Armor / Leg Armor

Some Titans speak of a transcendent state found only in battlefield success.
Sparrow S-10's Icon

Sparrow S-10 Vehicle / Vehicle

Quick on the ground and small enough for transmat deployment.
Tengu Operant's Icon

Tengu Operant Leg Armor / Leg Armor

"The solipsist position is false. I could never imagine this." - a thanatonaut, final words before Ghost intervention
Strange Coin's Icon

Strange Coin Materials / Currency

This unusual coin is warm to the touch and vibrates gently in your hand.