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Exotic Bounty Sources

Exotic Bounty's Icon
This item is granted for completing the relevant exotic weapon bounty.
Lord of Wolves's Icon

Lord of Wolves Special Weapons / Shotgun

"By this right alone do I rule."
Queenbreakers' Bow's Icon

Queenbreakers' Bow Special Weapons / Fusion Rifle

Despite the Breakers' treachery, Her Majesty still stands.
Thorn's Icon

Thorn Primary Weapons / Hand Cannon

"To rend one's enemies is to see them not as equals, but objects—hollow of spirit and meaning." - 13th Understanding, 7th Book of Sorrow
Super Good Advice's Icon

Super Good Advice Heavy Weapons / Machine Gun

This weapon is full of it.
Bad Juju's Icon

Bad Juju Primary Weapons / Pulse Rifle

"If you believe your weapon wants to end all existence, then so it will." - Toland the Shattered
Pocket Infinity's Icon

Pocket Infinity Special Weapons / Fusion Rifle

You cannot shake the feeling that this is less a weapon than a doorway.
Invective's Icon

Invective Special Weapons / Shotgun

"I tried to talk them down. They made a grab for my Ghost. After that it was a short conversation." - Ikora Rey
Dreg's Promise's Icon

Dreg's Promise Special Weapons / Sidearm

"I am a marvel with ten thousand arms."