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Crucible Forged

A tale of how the Guardian took on the Control match type in the Crucible.

1. Staking a Claim

Defeat opposing Guardians in a Control match while your team holds at least two Control zones. "Control matches keep Guardians familiar with capturing and holding territory. We'll be ready when the time comes to take back what we lost to the Darkness." —Lord Shaxx


• Kills with 2+ Control Zones
Completion Value



2. Talk to Shaxx

Return to Lord Shaxx in the Hall of Guardians in the Tower. "Guardians often criticize Lord Shaxx for the grueling battle conditions in the Crucible, from live weaponry to hazardous arenas. But when matches begin, these same Guardians step up, hoping the experience will harden them against the Darkness." —Commander Zavala


The Last City, Earth


Crucible Reputation
Primary Weapon Upgrade