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Conquer the Day

The story of how the Guardian braved Lord Shaxx's daily challenges.

1. Making a Statement

Earn 9 points. Wins in the Daily or Weekly Featured Crucible playlists are worth 3. Match completions are worth 1. "The Crucible is a training ground, preparing Guardians for war against the Darkness. But it hosts a battle fought in parallel—a political one between the City's Factions carried out by Guardians they recruit. Shaxx has attempted to curb their influences, but they're a reminder the Vanguard serves a City of many agendas." —Commander Zavala


• Points
Completion Value



2. Talk to Shaxx

Return to Lord Shaxx in the Hall of Guardians at the Tower. "Shaxx seems not to have a preference for a specific firearm. In his days as a competitor, he would finish fights with his hands whenever he could. He was the idol of every Striker." —Ikora Rey


The Last City, Earth


Crucible Reputation
Heavy Weapon Upgrade