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A Tale of Two Guardians

The story of two Guardians and their adventures together.

1. Comrades in Arms

Complete a Story mission with a Linked Friend. "When allies work toward a common cause, there is little that can stand in their way." —The Speaker


• Story Mission Complete

2. Wanderers

Complete Patrols and earn a Gold Tier Rating in a Public Event with a Linked Friend. "This world is vast, and danger lurks in every shadowed corner. Shine your Light, and give the Darkness no place to hide." —The Speaker


• Patrols Completed
Completion Value
• Gold in Public Event

3. Forged in Fire

Win a Crucible match with a Linked Friend. "In the fires of the Crucible, a Guardian watching your back can be the difference between glorious victory and agonizing defeat." —Lord Shaxx


• Crucible Match Won

4. Our Own Story

Reach Level 40 and then return to the Tower to talk with the Speaker. "You have achieved great things, Guardian, but there is always more to accomplish." —The Speaker



Legendary Weapon

5. Pushing Back the Darkness

Complete a mission from the Weekly Story Playlist with a Linked Friend. "The galaxy is more dangerous than ever. Fight as one, and together you will triumph against the Darkness." —The Speaker


• Weekly Story Playlist Complete


High Five

6. Heroic Challenges

Complete a Heroic Strike with a Linked Friend. "When the going gets tough, two guns are always better than one." —Cayde-6


• Heroic Strike Complete


Duo Dance

7. Lighting the Night

Complete the Weekly Nightfall Strike with a Linked Friend. "Keep your friends by your side and your weapons loaded." —Cayde-6


• Weekly Nightfall Complete

8. More Tales to Tell

Talk to the Speaker in the Tower.


• Return to the Speaker
The Last City, Earth