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Class Armor Marks, bonds, and cloaks.


Encoded Engram's Icon

Encoded Engram

An encoded matter engram. The Cryptarch can decode this into a piece of armor.
Encoded Engram's Icon

Encoded Engram

An encoded matter engram. The Cryptarch can decode this into a piece of armor.
Encrypted Engram's Icon

Encrypted Engram

An encrypted matter engram of unusual properties. The Cryptarch can decrypt this into a piece of armor.
Matter Engram's Icon

Matter Engram

A basic engram. A cryptarch can decode this into a piece of armor.
Potential Bond's Icon

Potential Bond

A Warlock's Bond is both a symbol and a focus of power. Your Ghost jury-rigged this simple example.
"Ancestral Demise"'s Icon

"Ancestral Demise"

Humanity's rich and tattered history provides fuel for libraries of debate on Light, the Traveler, and all creation.
"Computable Secrets"'s Icon

"Computable Secrets"

Exo Warlocks take particular interest in the physics of Light, seeing analogy to their own origins.
"The Waking Dreams"'s Icon

"The Waking Dreams"

Awoken Warlocks ponder their own visions as whispers into the truths of Light and Dark.
"Inertia Engine"'s Icon

"Inertia Engine"

"I believe that the Traveler and its Light are advanced technology. I refuse to accept that this diminishes me."
"Cosmic Truths"'s Icon

"Cosmic Truths"

"To bind Light into the same framework as the proton or the mere neutrino is an act of close-minded hubris."
"The Transcendent Mind"'s Icon

"The Transcendent Mind"

"Other orders try to learn the laws of Light. We accept that Light transcends all law."
Mark of Sacrifice's Icon

Mark of Sacrifice

Sometimes the mark will tangle in the armor. Shred it without hesitation. It, too, is prepared to sacrifice.
Bastion Mark's Icon

Bastion Mark

Field repairs are part of the Titan creed, but the particularly devoted clip spare tools to their mark.
Mark of the Wall's Icon

Mark of the Wall

"We have one city. One final chance. There are no forgivable errors. Be ceaseless in your vigilance."
Cloak of Ragged Fortune's Icon

Cloak of Ragged Fortune

Sometimes a Hunter will lose a cloak in a bet. It's poor form to replace it right away.
Maverick's Cloak's Icon

Maverick's Cloak

"Bright colors are Mother Nature's way of saying 'don't mess with me.' We like a lot of her ideas."
Cloak of Reverence's Icon

Cloak of Reverence

The stylized twin arc represents the world beneath the Traveler.
Makeshift Scarf's Icon

Makeshift Scarf

The Hunter's cloak speaks to their personality. Your Ghost scrounged up this tough synthetic wrap, marked with an ancient double-headed eagle.
Terra Clasp's Icon

Terra Clasp

The Earth is ours to lose.
Bond of Emptying's Icon

Bond of Emptying

Peace within. War without.
Bond of Preparation's Icon

Bond of Preparation

A Warlock needs nothing but a vigorous mind.
Bond of the Uprooted's Icon

Bond of the Uprooted

Cut away the rot. Let the young trees take root.
Orphan Branch's Icon

Orphan Branch

It's down to us now.
Journey Hood's Icon

Journey Hood

It's not the destination that matters.
Trailblazer's Hood's Icon

Trailblazer's Hood

You're the first! At least, the first to live to tell about it.
Buckaroo's Cloak's Icon

Buckaroo's Cloak

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
Vaquero's Cloak's Icon

Vaquero's Cloak

Never did like being in one place for too long.
Rihla Mantle's Icon

Rihla Mantle

The City is hungry for tales of your exploits.
Encoded Engram's Icon

Encoded Engram

An encoded matter engram. The Cryptarch can decode this into a piece of armor.
Bond of Unknowing's Icon

Bond of Unknowing

Some orders assert that Light and Darkness are not bound by any system of reason or causality.
Bond of the Universal's Icon

Bond of the Universal

Some orders argue that Light and Darkness can be explained in the context of supersymmetric physics.
Bond of Polarity's Icon

Bond of Polarity

Some orders believe that Light and Darkness exist beyond the merely material, with a logic of their own.
Cloak of the Unflinching's Icon

Cloak of the Unflinching

Anyone who takes the pathway into orbit will never want to leave it. Challenge the universe.
Cloak of the Cosmonaut's Icon

Cloak of the Cosmonaut

Vladimir Komarov helped build and fly Earth's first ships. He gave his life to the frontier.
Cloak of the Apsides's Icon

Cloak of the Apsides

"The Hunter creed calls us outward. And what do we find out there? Hard vacuum. Respect it."
Mark of Renown's Icon

Mark of Renown

Robust and flexible, the iconic Fieldplate pattern has served every Titan order.
Mark of Diligence's Icon

Mark of Diligence

Titan armor is crafted by legion members, not the City's foundries. Every would-be smith proves themselves on Fieldplate.
Mark of Fortitude's Icon

Mark of Fortitude

Some historians mark the rise of Fieldplate as the moment the Titan orders found their footing.
Mark of the Risen's Icon

Mark of the Risen

A Titan's mark declares deeds and influences. Your Ghost scrounged this cloth together. It's a start.
"Controversial Remains"'s Icon

"Controversial Remains"

Like all Guardians, Warlocks are vessels for the Traveler's Light. But that power must be mastered.