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Class Armor Marks, bonds, and cloaks.


Mark of the Pit's Icon

Mark of the Pit

Torn from a vanquished Wizard, it flutters in windless air.
Decoherent Engram's Icon

Decoherent Engram

A matter engram of remarkable potency. The Cryptarch can decrypt this into a piece of armor.
Venom of Ikaheka's Icon

Venom of Ikaheka

The sigil of the snake, said to represent the fluid lethality of a true Hunter.
Cosmic Joke's Icon

Cosmic Joke

An infamous cloak, scavenged off the corpses of its owners numerous times on the frontier.
Strength of the Pack's Icon

Strength of the Pack

A pattern worn by Ana Bray during the fateful battle of the Twilight Gap.
Dead Zone Revolution's Icon

Dead Zone Revolution

With each Dead Zone charted comes a new cloak pattern from the Hunter elite.
Quantum-Phoenix Blue's Icon

Quantum-Phoenix Blue

A pattern born from waveform flux in the probability kilns of the City.
Cult/Trinary Star's Icon

Cult/Trinary Star

The mark of the Trinary Star, the hidden cult who curse the Traveler's light.
Cloud Walker Tribute's Icon

Cloud Walker Tribute

A cloak which bears the emblem of the Cloud Walkers, the pioneers of the first Exodus.
Legend of Six Coyotes's Icon

Legend of Six Coyotes

A cloak fashioned after the legendary Hunters who first scouted beyond the Cosmodrome wall.
Sunsinger's Bond's Icon

Sunsinger's Bond

Any scholar can understand the theory, but only those who hear the music can make Light sing.
Voidwalker's Bond's Icon

Voidwalker's Bond

"Others flee from the Darkness. Only we dare stare into its depths."
Bond of the Queen's Guard's Icon

Bond of the Queen's Guard

One throne beneath the howling dark.
Stormcaller's Bond's Icon

Stormcaller's Bond

"Let me tell you what I wish someone had told me in my early years: embrace the stillness." —Ikora Rey
Competitor Match's Icon

Competitor Match

"Instinct tells you to cherish victory, but defeat holds all the lessons." —Lord Shaxx
Melting Point's Icon

Melting Point

In the Crucible, you'll find yours.
Cloak of the Ironsworn's Icon

Cloak of the Ironsworn

"Those who find victory in the Crucible will win salvation for our City." - Iron Banner maxim
Nightmask Cloak's Icon

Nightmask Cloak

"They say the Crucible is preparation for the frontier. I see it the other way around." - Ain Suhu-ässä
Cloak of Dredgen Yor's Icon

Cloak of Dredgen Yor

Before he took Pahanin's Light, Dredgen Yor ruled the Crucible, the notorious Thorn at his side.
Exotic Engram's Icon

Exotic Engram

The Cryptarch in the Tower may be able to decrypt this object and reveal its contents.
Mark of the Queen's Guard's Icon

Mark of the Queen's Guard

One throne beneath the howling dark.
Mark of the Sojourn's Icon

Mark of the Sojourn

Our will is such that we find strength in the gaze of Death itself.
Mark of the Exodus's Icon

Mark of the Exodus

The stars are calling.
Mark of Oblivion's Icon

Mark of Oblivion

Our salvation lies ahead of us. Go forth. There is nothing left to leave behind.
Cloak of the Unfactorable's Icon

Cloak of the Unfactorable

"Could the Vex build a model of us? A simulated City, a whole simulated Earth, adrift in the ocean of the Vex intellect?"
Shattered Vault Cloak's Icon

Shattered Vault Cloak

The machines are not invincible.
Bone Circlet's Icon

Bone Circlet

A memento of the world Crota ruled.
Skorri's Iron Bond's Icon

Skorri's Iron Bond

"Rise above, so that you may lift those below."
Darkhollow Mantle's Icon

Darkhollow Mantle

"To even exist in their space is to constantly demand your own existence." —Eris Morn
Cloak of Seven Bones's Icon

Cloak of Seven Bones

"Let this bone I reaped in battle give me strength to reap again."
Exotic Engram's Icon

Exotic Engram

An engram with remarkable encoding markers. A cryptarch would be thrilled to decode it into a piece of armor.
Kings' Cloak's Icon

Kings' Cloak

"Of which world? All of them."
Devils' Cloak's Icon

Devils' Cloak

"There are some bargains worthy of any risk."
Wolves' Cloak's Icon

Wolves' Cloak

"Run with me, we've new trails to stalk."
Iron Saga Bond's Icon

Iron Saga Bond

"The worlds still need the Iron Lords." —Lord Saladin
Speeder's Mark's Icon

Speeder's Mark

Their only warning is a glimpse of color before your Sparrow slams into theirs.. This item can be discarded and reclaimed at the holiday kiosk.
Nightstalker Cloak's Icon

Nightstalker Cloak

Live and die by the draw of a bow.
Cloak of Oblivion's Icon

Cloak of Oblivion

Our salvation lies ahead of us. Go forth. There is nothing left to leave behind.
Chaos Cloak's Icon

Chaos Cloak

There is no doubt that our future will be won in battle.
Cloak of the Rising's Icon

Cloak of the Rising

The New Monarchy is the aegis that guards humanity.