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Class Armor Marks, bonds, and cloaks.


Mark of the Risen's Icon

Mark of the Risen

A Titan's mark declares deeds and influences. Your Ghost scrounged this cloth together. It's a start.
Mark of the Exile's Icon

Mark of the Exile

A prestigious trophy earned in battle during the Trials of Osiris.
Watchers' Mark's Icon

Watchers' Mark

A prestigious trophy earned in battle during the Trials of Osiris.
Mark of the Order's Icon

Mark of the Order

The City prospers on our field of order and justice.
Mark of the Executor's Icon

Mark of the Executor

The New Monarchy is the aegis that guards humanity.
Mark of the Supreme's Icon

Mark of the Supreme

Titan lore memorializes the greatest warriors of humanity's past.
Mark of the Conqueror's Icon

Mark of the Conqueror

"THE LAST AND SUREST ARGUMENT" - traditional inscription for the right gauntlet, attributed to Wei Ning
NOYB Mark's Icon


"One day in the Crucible tells you everything you need to know about a Guardian. Even yourself." - Thalor
"Cast in Blood"'s Icon

"Cast in Blood"

"The naysayers in Consensus don't understand that we LIKE to fight each other." - Ain Suhu-ässä
Avenger Mark's Icon

Avenger Mark

"I require no miracles. We will reclaim our worlds with systematic, aggressive action against enemy assets. "
Mark of the Stoneborn's Icon

Mark of the Stoneborn

"They don't fail." - Commander Zavala, in an emergency session of the City Consensus
"Blood and Mortar"'s Icon

"Blood and Mortar"

"A distraction? The Crucible challenges our best. It is the finest training the City could ask."
"Atlas's Burden"'s Icon

"Atlas's Burden"

"Other ages had the phalanx, the carrier, the KKV. Now you are the defining weapons system of our time."
Mark of the Spawn's Icon

Mark of the Spawn

"It's not an Acolyte's loin cloth, it's the spoils of war." - Vell Tarlowe
"Ultimateless"'s Icon


Those who bear this mark vow to always test the limits of Light against the Light itself.
Mark of the War Tides's Icon

Mark of the War Tides

"At the doom of Men he will return home among the wise Vanir." - the Edda
Mark of the New Sun's Icon

Mark of the New Sun

"He loosens all bonds." - the Lokasenna
"The Mandate"'s Icon

"The Mandate"

"We reject this cumbersome doctrine of interdependence. Every solitary Titan must be a standfast against the dark."
Mark of Fortune's Icon

Mark of Fortune

"I would trust it to thee if it were silver; I would give it even if it were gold." - the Edda
Mark of the Duskborn's Icon

Mark of the Duskborn

"We called her Verok; it was her and her Thrall that finally overwhelmed him." - Eris
Mark of the Hidden's Icon

Mark of the Hidden

"And with the lone strength of the Titan Vell Tarlowe, we felt invincible." - Eris
"Controversial Remains"'s Icon

"Controversial Remains"

Like all Guardians, Warlocks are vessels for the Traveler's Light. But that power must be mastered.
"The Before Time"'s Icon

"The Before Time"

"Do you remember who you were?"
"Paradox and Truth"'s Icon

"Paradox and Truth"

"The Light remade us. Can I still claim to be human? Can you still say you were made by human hands?"
"Mystic Drain"'s Icon

"Mystic Drain"

At the desperate battle of Twilight Gap, Warlocks worked in concert to shatter the enemy. It was not quite enough.
"Inertia Engine"'s Icon

"Inertia Engine"

"I believe that the Traveler and its Light are advanced technology. I refuse to accept that this diminishes me."
"Expansion"'s Icon


Always consider the connection between your field work and vaster things.
"Light Unknown"'s Icon

"Light Unknown"

The bond is signified and signifier, source and focus. Do not seek closure. Let the mystery unfold you.
"Variable Flow"'s Icon

"Variable Flow"

"Your power flows through the bond. Remember what it represents."
"Trained Chaos"'s Icon

"Trained Chaos"

"Control space and time. Mere matter and energy will follow."
"Phantom Wisdom"'s Icon

"Phantom Wisdom"

"What is Light? Who made it? How does it work? Light itself answers these questions. Do you understand?"
"Creation's Wind"'s Icon

"Creation's Wind"

"The Light releases us from causality. It smooths the contours of what we can and cannot do."
"Cryptic and Ineffable"'s Icon

"Cryptic and Ineffable"

"You did not receive the bond so you could babble arcane words. Go forth, and burn our enemy."
"Eye of History"'s Icon

"Eye of History"

Those orders most closely allied with the Titans seek to hone the battlefield deployment of Light.
"The Conflagration"'s Icon

"The Conflagration"

Everything was born from an unimaginable fire. Here, I'll show you.
"Metastability Event"'s Icon

"Metastability Event"

The great energies of the Golden Age never triggered a false vacuum decay. We'll be fine.
Timur's Iron Bond's Icon

Timur's Iron Bond

"Only those forged in Light can stand against the lurking shadows."
"The Risen Ones"'s Icon

"The Risen Ones"

What rules us is our service to the greater welfare of the City.
"Circle of War"'s Icon

"Circle of War"

"Understanding is not an end, but a beginning from which new truths are born."
Skorri's Iron Bond's Icon

Skorri's Iron Bond

"Rise above, so that you may lift those below."