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Class Armor Marks, bonds, and cloaks.


"Cosmic Truths"'s Icon

"Cosmic Truths"

"To bind Light into the same framework as the proton or the mere neutrino is an act of close-minded hubris."
"Controversial Remains"'s Icon

"Controversial Remains"

Like all Guardians, Warlocks are vessels for the Traveler's Light. But that power must be mastered.
"The Before Time"'s Icon

"The Before Time"

"Do you remember who you were?"
"Computable Secrets"'s Icon

"Computable Secrets"

Exo Warlocks take particular interest in the physics of Light, seeing analogy to their own origins.
"Paradox and Truth"'s Icon

"Paradox and Truth"

"The Light remade us. Can I still claim to be human? Can you still say you were made by human hands?"
"Ancestral Demise"'s Icon

"Ancestral Demise"

Humanity's rich and tattered history provides fuel for libraries of debate on Light, the Traveler, and all creation.
"The Waking Dreams"'s Icon

"The Waking Dreams"

Awoken Warlocks ponder their own visions as whispers into the truths of Light and Dark.
"One True Constant"'s Icon

"One True Constant"

Some orders eschew all metaphysics and ontological doctrine in favor of pure combat discipline.
"Blood Maturity"'s Icon

"Blood Maturity"

"I have found that rarest treasure: a pragmatic Warlock." - Saint-14
Immanent War Mark's Icon

Immanent War Mark

The subtlest of wars still leave their marks.
"Song of the Light"'s Icon

"Song of the Light"

At the edge of the singularity, light freezes, unable to face the mystery. But you must go on.
"The Tethering"'s Icon

"The Tethering"

"The farther apart you pull two quarks, the harder they snap back."
"Other Side of Nothing"'s Icon

"Other Side of Nothing"

"Nobody comes back the same."- The Parables of Osiris
"Emerald Light"'s Icon

"Emerald Light"

"They'll believe you are one of their own. And that is the only way." - Toland, the Shattered
"Eternal Light"'s Icon

"Eternal Light"

"You stand for something immutable and transcendent. Act like it." - reprimand to a younger Ikora Rey
"Loop of Night"'s Icon

"Loop of Night"

"I could flense you apart, molecule by squirming molecule. It is within my power." - Toland the Shattered
"Twist of Fate"'s Icon

"Twist of Fate"

"There will come a time when you can no longer see objects - only clouds of probability and law."
"Forgotten Force"'s Icon

"Forgotten Force"

Every exercise of your power adds a syllable to the greater song.
"Song of Dusk"'s Icon

"Song of Dusk"

"I'll be the last Light they ever see." - Eriana-3
"Curse of the Hidden"'s Icon

"Curse of the Hidden"

"I vowed to avenge them all, and this curse I will carry to my final death." - Eriana-3
"The Unconquerable"'s Icon

"The Unconquerable"

"Let's stop thinking about how to open the lock and start thinking about removing the wall."
"Dispersed Vengeance"'s Icon

"Dispersed Vengeance"

"I made quite a reputation in the Crucible. Spent some time trying to outrun it." - Ikora Rey
"The Gone"'s Icon

"The Gone"

"He came at me with a knife. I put out my hand and - just so - made him into ash."
"After Effects"'s Icon

"After Effects"

"Nothing that happens in the Crucible is irreversible…except the lessons you learn."
Watchers' Bond's Icon

Watchers' Bond

A prestigious trophy earned in battle during the Trials of Osiris.
Bond of the Exile's Icon

Bond of the Exile

A prestigious trophy earned in battle during the Trials of Osiris.
"The Age to Come"'s Icon

"The Age to Come"

"There is strength in unity. And a King of many, will be the King of all."
"The Order"'s Icon

"The Order"

"A fractured will is the hallmark of disorder…"
"The Cure"'s Icon

"The Cure"

"We have a solution." - Ikora Rey, in an emergency session of the City Consensus
"Born of Sight"'s Icon

"Born of Sight"

"Reality is the most ruthless analyst." - Praxic saying
"No Footprints"'s Icon

"No Footprints"

"Gravity? Oh, that nuisance. I never bother with it." —Lyssa, the Lighthearted
"Wearable Collider"'s Icon

"Wearable Collider"

Mm, yes, a fine cloak. But I have a supercompressed supercollider on my arm. Can your cloak split quarks?
"House of Devils"'s Icon

"House of Devils"

"What shall we call thee?"
"House of Wolves"'s Icon

"House of Wolves"

"Beware of false prophets."
"Metastability Event"'s Icon

"Metastability Event"

The great energies of the Golden Age never triggered a false vacuum decay. We'll be fine.
"The Conflagration"'s Icon

"The Conflagration"

Everything was born from an unimaginable fire. Here, I'll show you.
"House of Kings"'s Icon

"House of Kings"

"Have they not learned the fate of Earth's kings?"
Bond of the Exile's Icon

Bond of the Exile

"They who entered the Speaker's chambers as master and apprentice were bitter rivals when they left." —Brother Vance
"Immanent War"'s Icon

"Immanent War"

"The next war is already here, waged in the theater of the inmost."
"Ritual Expansion"'s Icon

"Ritual Expansion"

"Beyond Sol's gravity, beyond Earth's pull." —Arach Jalaal