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Class Armor Marks, bonds, and cloaks.


Cloak of the Sixth Reign's Icon

Cloak of the Sixth Reign

One throne beneath the howling dark.
Ice Age Bond's Icon

Ice Age Bond

Space is cold.
"Dispersed Vengeance"'s Icon

"Dispersed Vengeance"

"I made quite a reputation in the Crucible. Spent some time trying to outrun it." - Ikora Rey
"After Effects"'s Icon

"After Effects"

"Nothing that happens in the Crucible is irreversible…except the lessons you learn."
"The Gone"'s Icon

"The Gone"

"He came at me with a knife. I put out my hand and - just so - made him into ash."
"Loop of Night"'s Icon

"Loop of Night"

"I could flense you apart, molecule by squirming molecule. It is within my power." - Toland the Shattered
"Eternal Light"'s Icon

"Eternal Light"

"You stand for something immutable and transcendent. Act like it." - reprimand to a younger Ikora Rey
"Twist of Fate"'s Icon

"Twist of Fate"

"There will come a time when you can no longer see objects - only clouds of probability and law."
Missing Exotic Blueprint's Icon

Missing Exotic Blueprint

Requires discovery to unlock in the Kiosk.
Cloak of the Unflinching's Icon

Cloak of the Unflinching

Anyone who takes the pathway into orbit will never want to leave it. Challenge the universe.
Cloak of the Cosmonaut's Icon

Cloak of the Cosmonaut

Vladimir Komarov helped build and fly Earth's first ships. He gave his life to the frontier.
Cloak of the Apsides's Icon

Cloak of the Apsides

"The Hunter creed calls us outward. And what do we find out there? Hard vacuum. Respect it."
Sublime Light Mark's Icon

Sublime Light Mark

A trial by fire, the purpose of which is transformation.
"No Footprints"'s Icon

"No Footprints"

"Gravity? Oh, that nuisance. I never bother with it." —Lyssa, the Lighthearted
"Wearable Collider"'s Icon

"Wearable Collider"

Mm, yes, a fine cloak. But I have a supercompressed supercollider on my arm. Can your cloak split quarks?
"The Chaos Constant"'s Icon

"The Chaos Constant"

"Darkness consumes, but, we shall mark the abyss with eternal fire."
"No Tomorrow"'s Icon

"No Tomorrow"

"For every dead yesterday there waits a new dawn, with no promise of tomorrow."
"Circle of War"'s Icon

"Circle of War"

"Understanding is not an end, but a beginning from which new truths are born."
Mark of Renown's Icon

Mark of Renown

Robust and flexible, the iconic Fieldplate pattern has served every Titan order.
Mark of Diligence's Icon

Mark of Diligence

Titan armor is crafted by legion members, not the City's foundries. Every would-be smith proves themselves on Fieldplate.
Mark of Fortitude's Icon

Mark of Fortitude

Some historians mark the rise of Fieldplate as the moment the Titan orders found their footing.
Sublime Engram's Icon

Sublime Engram

An engram with stable manifest markers. A cryptarch can decode this into a piece of armor.
Legendary Engram's Icon

Legendary Engram

An engram with complex markers. A cryptarch should be able to decode this into a piece of armor.
Decoherent Engram's Icon

Decoherent Engram

The Cryptarch in the Tower may be able to decrypt this object and reveal its contents.
Spliced Cosmoclast Mark's Icon

Spliced Cosmoclast Mark

The Exodus program would be interested in exploring SIVA's defensive applications. ~SIVA.MEM.CL013
Cosmoclast Mark's Icon

Cosmoclast Mark

The Exodus program would be interested in exploring SIVA's defensive applications. ~SIVA.MEM.CL013
Mark of the Sentry's Icon

Mark of the Sentry

The City's enemies often use airmobile tactics. Some Titans train for rapid response to these landings.
Mark of the First Pillar's Icon

Mark of the First Pillar

Titans train to fight on dangerous ground, a first line of defense against any crisis.
Mark of the Anchor's Icon

Mark of the Anchor

Titan orders are often accused of dour fatalism. But there are those who celebrate all they protect.
Mark of the Fortress's Icon

Mark of the Fortress

Fortresses do not wait silently for war. They are schools, trading posts, monuments. Vessels for life.
Mark of the Beacon's Icon

Mark of the Beacon

"A singer came to me, saying, 'You protect me, and I do nothing in return.' I told him to sing, and he understood." - Saint-14
Mark of Fury's Icon

Mark of Fury

"We can wait here until the Traveler falls! Or we can go out there and kill them!" - from a doctrinal dispute
Mark of the Martyred's Icon

Mark of the Martyred

It is called the Firebreak Calculus: how much good could I do if I find the right place and fight until I die?
Mark of Lost Charge's Icon

Mark of Lost Charge

A zealous few sneer at the legend of Six Fronts. Our invincible defense was a waste, they say. We should have charged.
Mark of the Lost's Icon

Mark of the Lost

Every Titan's individual legend could inspire a new lineage of marks.
Mark of the Keeper's Icon

Mark of the Keeper

When there is turmoil in the City, cool-headed Titans often help restore the peace. Sometimes it costs them.
Mark of Oblivion's Icon

Mark of Oblivion

Our salvation lies ahead of us. Go forth. There is nothing left to leave behind.
Mark of the Exodus's Icon

Mark of the Exodus

The stars are calling.
Mark of the Sojourn's Icon

Mark of the Sojourn

Our will is such that we find strength in the gaze of Death itself.
Mark of Unity's Icon

Mark of Unity

The Six Fronts, perhaps the most recognizable element used in Titan marks, memorializes a mighty stand.