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Class Armor Marks, bonds, and cloaks.


Mark of the Rising's Icon

Mark of the Rising

What rules us is our service to the greater welfare of the City.
Radegast's Iron Sash's Icon

Radegast's Iron Sash

Stand in the fire until there is nothing left to burn away.
"Curse of the Hidden"'s Icon

"Curse of the Hidden"

"I vowed to avenge them all, and this curse I will carry to my final death." - Eriana-3
"Emerald Light"'s Icon

"Emerald Light"

"They'll believe you are one of their own. And that is the only way." - Toland, the Shattered
"Song of Dusk"'s Icon

"Song of Dusk"

"I'll be the last Light they ever see." - Eriana-3
Mark of the Protector's Icon

Mark of the Protector

The first Titans led survivors to the safety of the City.
Mark of the Bulwarks's Icon

Mark of the Bulwarks

"War upon stone and it grows weaker. War upon man and he grows stronger. Which shall your wall be built of?"
Mark of the Chain's Icon

Mark of the Chain

Even at Six Fronts, the City's darkest hour, some Titans broke orders, but the Chain prevailed.
Mark of Command's Icon

Mark of Command

"A successful defense prolongs a war. A successful attack ends it."
Mark of the Chosen's Icon

Mark of the Chosen

"Your Light drives your armor. Do not speak of yourself as separate from the plate." - Pujari, Transcript XV
Mark of the New Front's Icon

Mark of the New Front

The Firebreak orders strive to draw the battle away from the City and its interests.
Mark of Resolve's Icon

Mark of Resolve

"You cannot control the enemy. You can control yourself. The real victory lies within." - Pujari, Transcript VII
Mark of the Watcher's Icon

Mark of the Watcher

"The mark's just pretty cloth. What matters is what it stands for." - Pujari, Transcript IX
Mark of the Six Fronts's Icon

Mark of the Six Fronts

Four orders of Titans held six approaches in the first great battle around the Last City, and not one front broke.
Mark of the Pilgrim Guard's Icon

Mark of the Pilgrim Guard

Legend holds that Titans stood in defense of the first pilgrims to gather below the Traveler.
On the Marsh's Icon

On the Marsh

Swamp camouflage is the hottest fashion these days.
End Unsung's Icon

End Unsung

A humble cloak worn in tribute to the Guardians who met their end alone in the wild.
Bond of the Queen's Guard's Icon

Bond of the Queen's Guard

One throne beneath the howling dark.
Mark of the Exile's Icon

Mark of the Exile

"Though the City won a great battle at Twilight Gap, it lost an even greater mind." —Sister Lupe
Mark of the Kings's Icon

Mark of the Kings

"No beast lords over Earth."
Dead Light Mark's Icon

Dead Light Mark

"Beyond the City. Yes, beyond the Traveler." —Arach Jalaal
Immanent War Mark's Icon

Immanent War Mark

The subtlest of wars still leave their marks.
Silimar's Iron Sash's Icon

Silimar's Iron Sash

Ward or fist, you cannot be broken.
Mark of the Initiative's Icon

Mark of the Initiative

Speak with the voice of the people, or prepare to face them.
Golden Hour Mark's Icon

Golden Hour Mark

I wear this in service. I earned this by sacrifice.
Lightning Mark's Icon

Lightning Mark

"The sun low in the sky, the wind in your hair, your enemies piled at your feet. Perfection."
Impervious Mark's Icon

Impervious Mark

"It was not a significant bullet."
Mark of Contention's Icon

Mark of Contention

The mighty Thalor was invincible in the Crucible - until Dredgen Yor, and his Thorn.
Eon Tracer Mark's Icon

Eon Tracer Mark

"We trace the history of war throughout the ages." —Lakshmi-2
Formation Mark's Icon

Formation Mark

Crucible tactics explore the tension between team cohesion and individual bravura.
Mark of Favor's Icon

Mark of Favor

City communities work together to produce these marks as gifts for their champions.
Mark of the Dauntless's Icon

Mark of the Dauntless

"Yes, we've achieved the objective. And the next. And the…were we supposed to stop attacking?" —Wei Ning
Holborn's Host Mark's Icon

Holborn's Host Mark

Genial old Holborn led a group of Guardians on several risky expeditions to Mars.
Mark of the Wolves's Icon

Mark of the Wolves

"I am the leader of the pack."
Mark of the Devils's Icon

Mark of the Devils

"I seek no worship, only war."
Mark of the Exile's Icon

Mark of the Exile

A prestigious trophy earned in battle during the Trials of Osiris.
Watchers' Mark's Icon

Watchers' Mark

A prestigious trophy earned in battle during the Trials of Osiris.
Mark of the Order's Icon

Mark of the Order

The City prospers on our field of order and justice.
Mark of the Executor's Icon

Mark of the Executor

The New Monarchy is the aegis that guards humanity.
Mark of the Supreme's Icon

Mark of the Supreme

Titan lore memorializes the greatest warriors of humanity's past.