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Class Armor Marks, bonds, and cloaks.


Bond of Preparation's Icon

Bond of Preparation

A Warlock needs nothing but a vigorous mind.
Bond of the Uprooted's Icon

Bond of the Uprooted

Cut away the rot. Let the young trees take root.
Orphan Branch's Icon

Orphan Branch

It's down to us now.
"Existential Threats"'s Icon

"Existential Threats"

Furious debate divides those that seek knowledge in order to aid the City, and those who seek knowledge for its own sake.
"Blind Evoke"'s Icon

"Blind Evoke"

"Learning without application is like drinking without thirst." - from Aphorisms To Anger Warlocks, a Hunter handbook
Bond of Control's Icon

Bond of Control

A Warlock's bond signifies control over the Traveler's Light. What 'control' means is a matter of debate.
Potential Bond's Icon

Potential Bond

A Warlock's Bond is both a symbol and a focus of power. Your Ghost jury-rigged this simple example.
Bond of Focus's Icon

Bond of Focus

A bond is symbol, instrument, and warning. Light can reveal mysteries. But even a child knows not to stare into the sun.
Bond of Will's Icon

Bond of Will

"Consider the word: bond. Remember, as you wield this power, that you are not alone." - Pujari, The Transcripts
Bond of Polarity's Icon

Bond of Polarity

Some orders believe that Light and Darkness exist beyond the merely material, with a logic of their own.
Bond of the Universal's Icon

Bond of the Universal

Some orders argue that Light and Darkness can be explained in the context of supersymmetric physics.
"The Calming"'s Icon

"The Calming"

"I have devised a technique to liberate the soul from the flesh. It works very reliably on Fallen."
Bond of Unknowing's Icon

Bond of Unknowing

Some orders assert that Light and Darkness are not bound by any system of reason or causality.
Takanome Ranger's Hood's Icon

Takanome Ranger's Hood

In the darkest days of the Dark Age, camouflage was our only defense.
Ayane Takanome's Cloak's Icon

Ayane Takanome's Cloak

Ayane Takanome was no Guardian, but the City still remembers how she and her Rangers secured the refugee roads.
Pilgrim's Cloak's Icon

Pilgrim's Cloak

How many fell on the road to the City? How few made the last leg of the journey with a Ghost over their shoulders?
Cloak of Keen Eyes's Icon

Cloak of Keen Eyes

"My ancestors were born beyond the Walls, on the long march to the City."
Unbelievably Old Cloak's Icon

Unbelievably Old Cloak

Look at all that...character.
All My Victims Cloak's Icon

All My Victims Cloak

Made from the torn cloaks of other Hunters. Other, lesser Hunters.
Journey Hood's Icon

Journey Hood

It's not the destination that matters.
Trailblazer's Hood's Icon

Trailblazer's Hood

You're the first! At least, the first to live to tell about it.
Buckaroo's Cloak's Icon

Buckaroo's Cloak

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
Vaquero's Cloak's Icon

Vaquero's Cloak

Never did like being in one place for too long.
Rihla Mantle's Icon

Rihla Mantle

The City is hungry for tales of your exploits.
Spektar Haliaetus Bond's Icon

Spektar Haliaetus Bond

"Nowhere to land. Gotta keep flying."
Spektar Kallipolis Cloak's Icon

Spektar Kallipolis Cloak

Not the past, not the future. The present is where we should turn our eyes.
Mark of Bright Hope's Icon

Mark of Bright Hope

"However dark or cold, the heart stays warm." —Zavala
Mark of the Chosen's Icon

Mark of the Chosen

"Your Light drives your armor. Do not speak of yourself as separate from the plate." - Pujari, Transcript XV
Mark of the Watcher's Icon

Mark of the Watcher

"The mark's just pretty cloth. What matters is what it stands for." - Pujari, Transcript IX
Mark of Resolve's Icon

Mark of Resolve

"You cannot control the enemy. You can control yourself. The real victory lies within." - Pujari, Transcript VII
Speeder's Bond's Icon

Speeder's Bond

Sometimes they mistake the streaking light of your bond for a meteor.. This item can be discarded and reclaimed at the holiday kiosk.
Dead Light Mark's Icon

Dead Light Mark

"Beyond the City. Yes, beyond the Traveler." —Arach Jalaal
Kells' Bond's Icon

Kells' Bond

One leads. Many follow.
Devils' Bond's Icon

Devils' Bond

Make your mark.
Kings' Bond's Icon

Kings' Bond

My word is my oath.
All My Victims Cloak's Icon

All My Victims Cloak

Made from the torn cloaks of other Hunters. Other, lesser Hunters.
Unbelievably Old Cloak's Icon

Unbelievably Old Cloak

Look at all that...character.
"Light Beyond"'s Icon

"Light Beyond"

"Every light that marks the abyss offers hope against the rising tide."
"Willful Exodus"'s Icon

"Willful Exodus"

"…'til even the stars heed our calling."
"Death of Fate"'s Icon

"Death of Fate"

"Our fate is not sealed. With the proper will, and enough force, it can be rewritten."