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Class Armor Marks, bonds, and cloaks.


Potential Bond's Icon

Potential Bond

A Warlock's Bond is both a symbol and a focus of power. Your Ghost jury-rigged this simple example.
"Ancestral Demise"'s Icon

"Ancestral Demise"

Humanity's rich and tattered history provides fuel for libraries of debate on Light, the Traveler, and all creation.
"Computable Secrets"'s Icon

"Computable Secrets"

Exo Warlocks take particular interest in the physics of Light, seeing analogy to their own origins.
"The Waking Dreams"'s Icon

"The Waking Dreams"

Awoken Warlocks ponder their own visions as whispers into the truths of Light and Dark.
Racer's Scarf's Icon

Racer's Scarf

All your rivals will see are your contrails in the distance. This item can be discarded and reclaimed at the holiday kiosk.
"Inertia Engine"'s Icon

"Inertia Engine"

"I believe that the Traveler and its Light are advanced technology. I refuse to accept that this diminishes me."
"Cosmic Truths"'s Icon

"Cosmic Truths"

"To bind Light into the same framework as the proton or the mere neutrino is an act of close-minded hubris."
"The Transcendent Mind"'s Icon

"The Transcendent Mind"

"Other orders try to learn the laws of Light. We accept that Light transcends all law."
Mark of Sacrifice's Icon

Mark of Sacrifice

Sometimes the mark will tangle in the armor. Shred it without hesitation. It, too, is prepared to sacrifice.
Bastion Mark's Icon

Bastion Mark

Field repairs are part of the Titan creed, but the particularly devoted clip spare tools to their mark.
Mark of the Wall's Icon

Mark of the Wall

"We have one city. One final chance. There are no forgivable errors. Be ceaseless in your vigilance."
Solar Flayer Mantle's Icon

Solar Flayer Mantle

A mantle of woven Solar energy strings taken from the Psion Flayer Vatch.
Void Flayer Mantle's Icon

Void Flayer Mantle

A mantle of woven Void energy strings taken from the Psion Flayer Numoc.
Cloak of Taniks's Icon

Cloak of Taniks

He of the endless troves of arms, and legs, and hearts, and lungs, and…
Arc Flayer Mantle's Icon

Arc Flayer Mantle

A mantle of woven Arc energy strings taken from the Psion Flayer Kolar.
Stellar Impact Mark's Icon

Stellar Impact Mark

Mark 1 STELLAR IMPACT was never released, owing to its tendency toward "enthusiastic gravitational collapse."
Cloak of Ragged Fortune's Icon

Cloak of Ragged Fortune

Sometimes a Hunter will lose a cloak in a bet. It's poor form to replace it right away.
Maverick's Cloak's Icon

Maverick's Cloak

"Bright colors are Mother Nature's way of saying 'don't mess with me.' We like a lot of her ideas."
Cloak of Reverence's Icon

Cloak of Reverence

The stylized twin arc represents the world beneath the Traveler.
Silimar's Iron Sash's Icon

Silimar's Iron Sash

Ward or fist, you cannot be broken.
Iron Camelot Bond's Icon

Iron Camelot Bond

Forged in remembrance of Skorri, she who sang out the Iron Song.
Encrypted Engram's Icon

Encrypted Engram

A rare engram with unusual markers. A cryptarch should be able to decode this into a piece of armor.
Makeshift Scarf's Icon

Makeshift Scarf

The Hunter's cloak speaks to their personality. Your Ghost scrounged up this tough synthetic wrap, marked with an ancient double-headed eagle.
"No Tomorrow"'s Icon

"No Tomorrow"

"For every dead yesterday there waits a new dawn, with no promise of tomorrow."
"The Chaos Constant"'s Icon

"The Chaos Constant"

"Darkness consumes, but, we shall mark the abyss with eternal fire."
Mark of Contention's Icon

Mark of Contention

The mighty Thalor was invincible in the Crucible - until Dredgen Yor, and his Thorn.
Impervious Mark's Icon

Impervious Mark

"It was not a significant bullet."
Bond of Frost's Icon

Bond of Frost

"Those who lived through the cold together never broke apart." —Eva Levante
Toward the Sky Mark's Icon

Toward the Sky Mark

"This is why we have Crucible arenas across the system. Eyes always up." —Lord Shaxx
Cloak of the Exile's Icon

Cloak of the Exile

"Was he exiled? Did he leave willingly? Was the parting angry? Peaceful? Is he dead? Alive? In a word: yes." —Sister Faora
Mark of the Circle's Icon

Mark of the Circle

History's lords have ever painted the future in tones of fire and shadow.
Mark of the Executor's Icon

Mark of the Executor

The New Monarchy is the aegis that guards humanity.
Mark of the Sunforged's Icon

Mark of the Sunforged

"Of all the Lights, we burned the brightest." —Unknown Sunbreaker
Mark of Oblivion's Icon

Mark of Oblivion

Our salvation lies ahead of us. Go forth. There is nothing left to leave behind.
Bond of the Desolate's Icon

Bond of the Desolate

In honor of the Queen.
Cloak of the Shadowjacks's Icon

Cloak of the Shadowjacks

Twilight Gap highlighted the desperate need for proactive strikes to keep the enemy off balance.
Cloak of Hidden Agendas's Icon

Cloak of Hidden Agendas

"Tell a Titan only a madman would go. Tell a Warlock it's too complex." - Pahanin Errata
Cloak of the Shadowsmiths's Icon

Cloak of the Shadowsmiths

"It's already being handled." - Cayde-6, in an emergency session of the City Consensus
Terra Clasp's Icon

Terra Clasp

The Earth is ours to lose.
Bond of Emptying's Icon

Bond of Emptying

Peace within. War without.