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Class Armor Marks, bonds, and cloaks.


Cloak of Ragged Fortune's Icon

Cloak of Ragged Fortune

Sometimes a Hunter will lose a cloak in a bet. It's poor form to replace it right away.
Maverick's Cloak's Icon

Maverick's Cloak

"Bright colors are Mother Nature's way of saying 'don't mess with me.' We like a lot of her ideas."
Encrypted Engram's Icon

Encrypted Engram

An encrypted matter engram of unusual properties. The Cryptarch can decrypt this into a piece of armor.
Hadron Gale Bond's Icon

Hadron Gale Bond

"I will put an ocean into a thimble. I will build a world on the edge of a blade."
Cloak of the Cosmonaut's Icon

Cloak of the Cosmonaut

Vladimir Komarov helped build and fly Earth's first ships. He gave his life to the frontier.
Cloak of the Apsides's Icon

Cloak of the Apsides

"The Hunter creed calls us outward. And what do we find out there? Hard vacuum. Respect it."
Bloodstained Hood's Icon

Bloodstained Hood

"Those Jaguar militant types seem a little extreme." —a person of inadequate ferocity
Hood of the Night Sun's Icon

Hood of the Night Sun

"I am not a dashing rogue. I am not a free spirit. I am a claw in the throat of the dark, and I will draw blood."
Extropic Cloak's Icon

Extropic Cloak

"Child came for our robes today. He said the Awoken Hunters needed them, as they were cold." —Warlock doorlog
Cloak of the Reefrunners's Icon

Cloak of the Reefrunners

"The child asked me if the Awoken were blue because they were cold. Then he called my cloak a blanket."
Cloak of the Unflinching's Icon

Cloak of the Unflinching

Anyone who takes the pathway into orbit will never want to leave it. Challenge the universe.
Cloak of the Unborn's Icon

Cloak of the Unborn

"Child asked me if I was a clock. I told her yes. I was keeping time until the world would be safe for her."
Cloak of Atropos's Icon

Cloak of Atropos

One boast goes, "When Cabal see my cloak, they flee." Another goes, 'Look at all these dead Cabal!'
Cloak of Tekmor's Icon

Cloak of Tekmor

When an old Hunter wears a simple cloak, ask yourself where she got it, and what the cloth remembers.
Pennant Cloak's Icon

Pennant Cloak

Guardians often band together and form close-knit teams to achieve victory in the Crucible.
Aspriet Cloak's Icon

Aspriet Cloak

"Fly high. Strike hard. Repeat." —Ain Suhu-ässä
Encrypted Engram's Icon

Encrypted Engram

An encrypted matter engram of unusual properties. The Cryptarch can decrypt this into a piece of armor.
Astrolord Cloak's Icon

Astrolord Cloak

History's lords have ever painted the future in tones of fire and shadow.
Cloak of No Tomorrow's Icon

Cloak of No Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be as yesterday was. There will always be a battle to be won.
Mantle of Gheleon's Icon

Mantle of Gheleon

You are an army, an armada, a force unto itself.
Chaos Cloak's Icon

Chaos Cloak

There is no doubt that our future will be won in battle.
Cloak of the Sojourn's Icon

Cloak of the Sojourn

The stars are calling.
Nagari Cloak's Icon

Nagari Cloak

In this age of Light and fire, simple skills still endure. Hunters embroider signs of war and loss on their cloaks.
Cloak of Oblivion's Icon

Cloak of Oblivion

Our salvation lies ahead of us. Go forth. There is nothing left to leave behind.
Cloak of the Exodus's Icon

Cloak of the Exodus

Find the way.
Cloak of the Justicars's Icon

Cloak of the Justicars

In pursuit of the City's safety, our jurisdiction is unlimited.
Mantle of Efrideet's Icon

Mantle of Efrideet

Stand in the fire until there is nothing left to burn away.
Kallipolis Bond's Icon

Kallipolis Bond

The leader we need is among us, not above us.
Mark of the Sentry's Icon

Mark of the Sentry

The City's enemies often use airmobile tactics. Some Titans train for rapid response to these landings.
Mark of the Protector's Icon

Mark of the Protector

The first Titans led survivors to the safety of the City.
Mark of the First Pillar's Icon

Mark of the First Pillar

Titans train to fight on dangerous ground, a first line of defense against any crisis.
"The Age to Come"'s Icon

"The Age to Come"

"There is strength in unity. And a King of many, will be the King of all."
"Circle of War"'s Icon

"Circle of War"

"Understanding is not an end, but a beginning from which new truths are born."
"Light Beyond"'s Icon

"Light Beyond"

"Every light that marks the abyss offers hope against the rising tide."
Stormcaller Bond's Icon

Stormcaller Bond

You are the calm eye of the dire storm.
Mantle of Sublime Light's Icon

Mantle of Sublime Light

A trial by fire, the purpose of which is transformation.