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Class Armor Marks, bonds, and cloaks.


"Loop of Night"'s Icon

"Loop of Night"

"I could flense you apart, molecule by squirming molecule. It is within my power." - Toland the Shattered
"Eternal Light"'s Icon

"Eternal Light"

"You stand for something immutable and transcendent. Act like it." - reprimand to a younger Ikora Rey
"Twist of Fate"'s Icon

"Twist of Fate"

"There will come a time when you can no longer see objects - only clouds of probability and law."
Missing Exotic Blueprint's Icon

Missing Exotic Blueprint

Requires discovery to unlock in the Kiosk.
"Circle of War"'s Icon

"Circle of War"

"Understanding is not an end, but a beginning from which new truths are born."
Decoherent Engram's Icon

Decoherent Engram

The Cryptarch in the Tower may be able to decrypt this object and reveal its contents.
Decoherent Engram's Icon

Decoherent Engram

A matter engram of remarkable potency. The Cryptarch can decrypt this into a piece of armor.
"Cast in Blood"'s Icon

"Cast in Blood"

"The naysayers in Consensus don't understand that we LIKE to fight each other." - Ain Suhu-ässä
NOYB Mark's Icon


"One day in the Crucible tells you everything you need to know about a Guardian. Even yourself." - Thalor
Mark of the Supreme's Icon

Mark of the Supreme

Titan lore memorializes the greatest warriors of humanity's past.
Mark of the Executor's Icon

Mark of the Executor

The New Monarchy is the aegis that guards humanity.
Frumious Cloak's Icon

Frumious Cloak

Tell the Warlocks your cloak is frabjous. They respect words they don't understand.
Brawler's Cloak's Icon

Brawler's Cloak

Hunters may be averse to centralized organization, but nothing is more fearsome than a coordinated stalk.
Cloak of Perception's Icon

Cloak of Perception

"Have you walked the ruins? Seen the machines born from the lightning? We face a mighty foe."
Octopus Cloak's Icon

Octopus Cloak

"If human extinction seems imminent, try to relax. You're just giving cephalopods a shot." - Pahanin Errata
Cloak of the Leopard's Icon

Cloak of the Leopard

Legend says that no animal was more difficult to hunt than the leopard.
Cloak of the Mantis's Icon

Cloak of the Mantis

"Patient camouflage and precise violence. No wonder they survived."
Five Mile Mark's Icon

Five Mile Mark

Radagast's Host made it five miles from the City's first walls. This pattern commemorates their march.
Mark of the Sortie's Icon

Mark of the Sortie

At Six Fronts, two Firebreak commanders led a sortie beyond the walls. They reclaimed five miles of scorched land from the Fallen.
Mark of Jagi's Host's Icon

Mark of Jagi's Host

Jagi's Host was last seen marching south of the Cosmodrome, toward the shores of the Caspian Sea.
Mark of the Lost Seven's Icon

Mark of the Lost Seven

One by one, the Ghosts of Jagi's Host returned to the City. If they knew of their Guardians' fates, they would not reveal it.
Chaos Cloak's Icon

Chaos Cloak

There is no doubt that our future will be won in battle.
Mark of the Six Fronts's Icon

Mark of the Six Fronts

Four orders of Titans held six approaches in the first great battle around the Last City, and not one front broke.
Mark of the Pilgrim Guard's Icon

Mark of the Pilgrim Guard

Legend holds that Titans stood in defense of the first pilgrims to gather below the Traveler.
Mark of the Bulwarks's Icon

Mark of the Bulwarks

"War upon stone and it grows weaker. War upon man and he grows stronger. Which shall your wall be built of?"
Exotic Engram's Icon

Exotic Engram

The Cryptarch in the Tower may be able to decrypt this object and reveal its contents.
Exotic Engram's Icon

Exotic Engram

The Cryptarch in the Tower may be able to decrypt this object and reveal its contents.
"Creation's Wind"'s Icon

"Creation's Wind"

"The Light releases us from causality. It smooths the contours of what we can and cannot do."
"Phantom Wisdom"'s Icon

"Phantom Wisdom"

"What is Light? Who made it? How does it work? Light itself answers these questions. Do you understand?"
"Trained Chaos"'s Icon

"Trained Chaos"

"Control space and time. Mere matter and energy will follow."
"The Age to Come"'s Icon

"The Age to Come"

"There is strength in unity. And a King of many, will be the King of all."
Thanatonaut's Bond's Icon

Thanatonaut's Bond

There's always a gap in the memories.
Bond of Veils's Icon

Bond of Veils

A thousand Thanatonauts on a thousand journeys have made only the tiniest of tears in death's veil.
Wellspring Bond's Icon

Wellspring Bond

A Guardian in the wilds is better than water in the desert.
Seraph Bond's Icon

Seraph Bond

"Some of the City folk call us angels. Others...take a different view."
"Praxic Vim"'s Icon

"Praxic Vim"

Praxic Warlocks don't hate research. They just don't let it interfere with the fight.
"Praxic Thunder"'s Icon

"Praxic Thunder"

With knowledge, purpose. Each sharpens and hones the other.
The Ishtar Dilemma's Icon

The Ishtar Dilemma

Never did answer Sundaresh's question, now did we?
Ones and Zeroes's Icon

Ones and Zeroes

Maybe that's all we really are.
Highest Squidder's Icon

Highest Squidder

"Are you squidding me?"