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Class Armor Marks, bonds, and cloaks.


"The Calming"'s Icon

"The Calming"

"I have devised a technique to liberate the soul from the flesh. It works very reliably on Fallen."
Bond of Will's Icon

Bond of Will

"Consider the word: bond. Remember, as you wield this power, that you are not alone." - Pujari, The Transcripts
Bond of Control's Icon

Bond of Control

A Warlock's bond signifies control over the Traveler's Light. What 'control' means is a matter of debate.
Bond of Focus's Icon

Bond of Focus

A bond is symbol, instrument, and warning. Light can reveal mysteries. But even a child knows not to stare into the sun.
Mark of Discipline's Icon

Mark of Discipline

Novice Titans are expected to adapt to their new lives with discipline and determination.
Mark of History's Icon

Mark of History

Titan marks are worn to honor the history of individuals or entire orders.
Mark of the Embattled's Icon

Mark of the Embattled

Marks are worn low on the body to avoid interfering with a Titan's arms or weapons. They still see wear.
Pleiades Hood's Icon

Pleiades Hood

The enemy sees beyond visual light, so cloth camouflage is difficult. No sense looking drab.
Fieldcraft Hood's Icon

Fieldcraft Hood

Even vacuum-ready field wire armor should be kept out of the rain. Rig a hood.
Not A Fallen Hood's Icon

Not A Fallen Hood

Friendly fire is as deadly as any Fallen skiff, so some Hunters choose cloaks for pure visibility.