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Class Armor Marks, bonds, and cloaks.


Mark of the Spawn's Icon

Mark of the Spawn

"It's not an Acolyte's loin cloth, it's the spoils of war." - Vell Tarlowe
Cloak of Repair's Icon

Cloak of Repair

We'll carve our future through the will of the people.
Shroud of Flies's Icon

Shroud of Flies

They gather where death steps.
Jovian Guard's Icon

Jovian Guard

Choose your words and sigils well, for they are your remembering.
Coded Engram's Icon

Coded Engram

A common engram. A cryptarch can decode this into a piece of armor.
"The Risen Ones"'s Icon

"The Risen Ones"

What rules us is our service to the greater welfare of the City.
"The Order"'s Icon

"The Order"

"A fractured will is the hallmark of disorder…"
"The Age to Come"'s Icon

"The Age to Come"

"There is strength in unity. And a King of many, will be the King of all."
Heliopause Cloak's Icon

Heliopause Cloak

"Once, deep space explorers were seen as heroes. Now, for suggesting humanity should look beyond this system, some call us cowards." —Arach Parnell
Mark of the Hidden's Icon

Mark of the Hidden

"And with the lone strength of the Titan Vell Tarlowe, we felt invincible." - Eris
Mark of the Spawn's Icon

Mark of the Spawn

"It's not an Acolyte's loin cloth, it's the spoils of war." - Vell Tarlowe
Mark of the Duskborn's Icon

Mark of the Duskborn

"We called her Verok; it was her and her Thrall that finally overwhelmed him." - Eris
Thanatonaut's Bond's Icon

Thanatonaut's Bond

There's always a gap in the memories.
Bond of Veils's Icon

Bond of Veils

A thousand Thanatonauts on a thousand journeys have made only the tiniest of tears in death's veil.
Wellspring Bond's Icon

Wellspring Bond

A Guardian in the wilds is better than water in the desert.
Seraph Bond's Icon

Seraph Bond

"Some of the City folk call us angels. Others...take a different view."
"Praxic Vim"'s Icon

"Praxic Vim"

Praxic Warlocks don't hate research. They just don't let it interfere with the fight.
"Praxic Thunder"'s Icon

"Praxic Thunder"

With knowledge, purpose. Each sharpens and hones the other.
Kellhunter's Hood's Icon

Kellhunter's Hood

"Here's my plan to be Kell. Fallen seem to respect violence and big capes. I'm really violent, and I found this cape."
Spektar's Mark's Icon

Spektar's Mark

The heat shimmers off the shield, refracting into broken rainbows.
Mark of the Witness's Icon

Mark of the Witness

"Fighting your enemy helps you understand your enemy. Don't get distracted." —Zavala
Mark of Desolation's Icon

Mark of Desolation

Did that shadow just move?
Hesperonaut Mark's Icon

Hesperonaut Mark

Our heritage is not one of war, but of exploration.
Pioneer Mark's Icon

Pioneer Mark

These marks recall the flags that waved over the first Venus colonies.
Vitruvius Mark's Icon

Vitruvius Mark

"The great generals and tacticians of the past have much to teach us." —Commander Zavala
Mark of the Anchor's Icon

Mark of the Anchor

Titan orders are often accused of dour fatalism. But there are those who celebrate all they protect.
Mark of the Fortress's Icon

Mark of the Fortress

Fortresses do not wait silently for war. They are schools, trading posts, monuments. Vessels for life.
Mark of the Beacon's Icon

Mark of the Beacon

"A singer came to me, saying, 'You protect me, and I do nothing in return.' I told him to sing, and he understood." - Saint-14
AOS#Cryptid Cloak's Icon

AOS#Cryptid Cloak

"Out there? All that is a job. Here, in the Crucible - this is a life."
H_LD Starwinder Cloak's Icon

H_LD Starwinder Cloak

As the cloak frays, it reveals the ancient works of Li Qingzhao, carved in chips of bone.
"House of Wolves"'s Icon

"House of Wolves"

"Beware of false prophets."
"House of Devils"'s Icon

"House of Devils"

"What shall we call thee?"
"House of Kings"'s Icon

"House of Kings"

"Have they not learned the fate of Earth's kings?"
Shattered Vault Cloak's Icon

Shattered Vault Cloak

The machines are not invincible.
War Numen's Mark's Icon

War Numen's Mark

Will you barter your soul in exchange for the chance to kill a king?
Mark of the Old Challenge's Icon

Mark of the Old Challenge

By their rules must you win, or not at all.
Mark of Chaos's Icon

Mark of Chaos

There is no doubt that our future will be won in battle.
Mark of No Tomorrow's Icon

Mark of No Tomorrow

Passion and patience in equal measure will open the unlimited way.
Spektar Heliopause Cloak's Icon

Spektar Heliopause Cloak

If only Darkness lies beyond the heliopause, we have already lost.
Cloak of the Justicars's Icon

Cloak of the Justicars

In pursuit of the City's safety, our jurisdiction is unlimited.