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Class Armor Marks, bonds, and cloaks.


High Command Mark's Icon

High Command Mark

"The City demands a leader. Now, before it is too late." —Executor Hideo
Mark of the Exile's Icon

Mark of the Exile

A prestigious trophy earned in battle during the Trials of Osiris.
Watchers' Mark's Icon

Watchers' Mark

A prestigious trophy earned in battle during the Trials of Osiris.
Speeder's Scarf's Icon

Speeder's Scarf

Two bright ribbons of triumph receding into the distance.. This item can be discarded and reclaimed at the holiday kiosk.
Watchers' Bond's Icon

Watchers' Bond

A prestigious trophy earned in battle during the Trials of Osiris.
Bond of the Exile's Icon

Bond of the Exile

A prestigious trophy earned in battle during the Trials of Osiris.
Omnigul Bond's Icon

Omnigul Bond

"The Will of Crota is broken at last. May Sai Mota's restless Light at last find peace." —Eris Morn
Mark of Favor's Icon

Mark of Favor

City communities work together to produce these marks as gifts for their champions.
Formation Mark's Icon

Formation Mark

Crucible tactics explore the tension between team cohesion and individual bravura.
"Tooth and Claw"'s Icon

"Tooth and Claw"

Reality grew from the carcasses of an infinity of might-have-beens.
"Red Eternal"'s Icon

"Red Eternal"

Death is the fate of all life. We only shorten the way.
"Worm Gods' Boon"'s Icon

"Worm Gods' Boon"

They had a choice. They chose the hunger. They chose the Formless One. They chose the Worm Gods.
Dream-Eater Cloak's Icon

Dream-Eater Cloak

"I need more sustenance than dreams alone can provide."
Legendary Engram's Icon

Legendary Engram

The Cryptarch in the Tower may be able to decrypt this object and reveal its contents.
Mark of the Queen's Guard's Icon

Mark of the Queen's Guard

One throne beneath the howling dark.
Cloak of Immanent War's Icon

Cloak of Immanent War

A new dawn breaks. Feel how it burns.
Idylls of the Iron Lords's Icon

Idylls of the Iron Lords

"The tale of the Iron Lords is not over." —Lord Saladin Forge
"Death of Fate"'s Icon

"Death of Fate"

"Our fate is not sealed. With the proper will, and enough force, it can be rewritten."
"Willful Exodus"'s Icon

"Willful Exodus"

"…'til even the stars heed our calling."
Golden Hour Mark's Icon

Golden Hour Mark

I wear this in service. I earned this by sacrifice.
Lightning Mark's Icon

Lightning Mark

"The sun low in the sky, the wind in your hair, your enemies piled at your feet. Perfection."
Mark of a Kellslayer's Icon

Mark of a Kellslayer

"See this mark and know: by my hands a Kell has fallen."
Novgorod Cloak's Icon

Novgorod Cloak

"A Hunter back from a quest? Now that's the best storyteller in the galaxy." —Cayde-6
High Command Cloak's Icon

High Command Cloak

"The City demands a leader. Now, before it is too late." —Executor Hideo
Thalor's Golden Maul's Icon

Thalor's Golden Maul

The legendary mark of Thalor, a victor in the Crucible.
Spirit of Saturn's Icon

Spirit of Saturn

A ceremonial badge worn by Titans in memory of the lost First Fleet.
Freeholder's Memory's Icon

Freeholder's Memory

The symbol of the great city of Freehold, the lost gem of Mars.
Year 1993's Icon

Year 1993

A pattern made famous by the restoration of ancient Golden Age tomes.
Honor of Cormorant's Icon

Honor of Cormorant

One of the remaining sashes of the Cormorant, torn in battle by a forgotten foe.
Moctezuma-Polyphonic's Icon


A mark of unity which celebrates the equality of all under the protection of the Traveler.
Season of Ages XII's Icon

Season of Ages XII

A warbanner marking the twelfth era of the Titan orders.
Deep Stone Crypt's Icon

Deep Stone Crypt

A badge illustrating the infamous subroutine which seeded the first Exo consciousness.
Heliopause Mark's Icon

Heliopause Mark

"Once, deep space explorers were seen as heroes. Now, for suggesting humanity should look beyond this system, some call us cowards." —Arach Parnell
Bond of Frost's Icon

Bond of Frost

"Those who lived through the cold together never broke apart." —Eva Levante
Cloak of the Hidden's Icon

Cloak of the Hidden

"The shadows dance quickly among the dust. Make them your ally." - Eris
Hood of the Spawn's Icon

Hood of the Spawn

"Toland cracked the rune, or led us to believe he did. I told him it was either that, or the Hive have a hell of a recipe for beer." - Omar Agah
Cloak of the Dusktorn's Icon

Cloak of the Dusktorn

"I'll remember the Light. Will it remember me?" - Sai Mota
Spektar Heliopause Mark's Icon

Spektar Heliopause Mark

If only Darkness lies beyond the heliopause, we have already lost.
Not A Fallen Hood's Icon

Not A Fallen Hood

Friendly fire is as deadly as any Fallen skiff, so some Hunters choose cloaks for pure visibility.
Fieldcraft Hood's Icon

Fieldcraft Hood

Even vacuum-ready field wire armor should be kept out of the rain. Rig a hood.