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Artifacts Remnants of lost histories, imbued with rare power.


Whispering Sphere's Icon

Whispering Sphere

You can't be sure, but you think you've seen Lord Shaxx speaking into a sphere just like this one.
Hourless Glass's Icon

Hourless Glass

The sand in this seemingly ancient timepiece will not move, no matter which way you turn it.
Transcendent Eye's Icon

Transcendent Eye

"You are not the seer. Not yet. You are the one who is seen." —Parables of the Allspring
Deidris's Fist's Icon

Deidris's Fist

"I heard the Iron Lords' call. Here I am." —Lady Deidris
SIVA Shard's Icon

SIVA Shard

This small fragment of SIVA tech hums with potential.
Perfected SIVA Shard's Icon

Perfected SIVA Shard

"It was inevitable Guardians would grab SIVA from off the field. Let's see what they do with it." —Shiro-4
Memory of Radegast's Icon

Memory of Radegast

"Our lives are no longer our own. We have sworn them in service to the Traveler, and to humanity." —Lord Radegast
Memory of Perun's Icon

Memory of Perun

"We hunt best in a pack." —Lady Perun
Memory of Skorri's Icon

Memory of Skorri

"The astral orb, slung low across the sky—Beneath it raised we lords our banner high." —Lady Skorri
Memory of Timur's Icon

Memory of Timur

"Ask strange questions. Our questions shape the reality that answers them." —Lord Timur
Memory of Felwinter's Icon

Memory of Felwinter

"I accept the consequences." —Lord Felwinter
Memory of Silimar's Icon

Memory of Silimar

"Come, is there no one who can stand against the Iron Wall?" —Lord Silimar
Memory of Jolder's Icon

Memory of Jolder

"If I am to die, let it be in battle, with weapons in my hands and laughter in my heart." —Lady Jolder
Memory of Gheleon's Icon

Memory of Gheleon

"So long as we actually manage to do some good, you can call me Iron anything you want." —Lord Gheleon
Jasper Carcanet's Icon

Jasper Carcanet

Thrallskin Drum's Icon

Thrallskin Drum

A drum made from the skin of a Hive Thrall. Even when no one is playing it, you can always hear a faint beat.
Fist of Eight Moons's Icon

Fist of Eight Moons

Only in the Ascendant Plane—where a well-defended idea is a reality—do these moons, in this small way, still exist.
Parasitic Optic's Icon

Parasitic Optic

"Listen, I don't know how it works—I just know that it works, okay? No, I'm not worried."
Unerring Compass's Icon

Unerring Compass

Its needle always points toward the Traveler.
Two-Sided Coin's Icon

Two-Sided Coin

A Hunter doesn't leave anything to chance.
The Pahanin Errata's Icon

The Pahanin Errata

The collected sayings, quips and observations by the legendary Hunter Pahanin.
Butterfly Code's Icon

Butterfly Code

"Sensitive dependence between microfunctions," reads the inscription. Cryptarchs disagree on whether its origins are from the Vex or Golden Age Mars.
Coyote's Luck's Icon

Coyote's Luck

A relic of the legendary Six Coyotes, the first Hunters to scout the Cosmodrome.
Sunscorched Lens's Icon

Sunscorched Lens

"We have mastered the art of shaping and tempering physical Light."
Wings of Apris-Fol's Icon

Wings of Apris-Fol

"To you goes the glory and the honor of battle." —Fractal Scrolls
Echo of Honor's Icon

Echo of Honor

"For he was once of your City, and honored there." —Fractal Scrolls
Skyburners' Obol's Icon

Skyburners' Obol

A coin suspected to be part of a Cabal funerary rite.
Wei Ning's Cong's Icon

Wei Ning's Cong

This ancient jade artifact has been in the Hive's possession ever since Wei Ning's heroic death.
Iglatho-Cyu's Icon


Drink, if you dare.
Cyclopean Enigma's Icon

Cyclopean Enigma

"More eyes, more problems. That's what I always say."
Scales of Eao's Icon

Scales of Eao

Vell Tarlowe's Vigil's Icon

Vell Tarlowe's Vigil

His Light is gone, but his memory remains.
Warp Fragment's Icon

Warp Fragment

This piece of Golden Age technology is covered in particulate originating from beyond our solar system.
Sisyphus Project's Icon

Sisyphus Project

"Clovis refuses to back down. Meanwhile, the others have taken to calling it 'the Sisyphus Project'…" — laboratory notes found at a Clovis Bray facility
Flamel Crest's Icon

Flamel Crest

Anything can be anything else, if only you will it so.
Thanatonaut's Lullaby's Icon

Thanatonaut's Lullaby

Makes the passage just that much easier.
Specimen Twelve's Icon

Specimen Twelve

Running hot with the effort of simulating not one group of scientists, but two hundred and twenty-seven.
Oddly Colored Cube's Icon

Oddly Colored Cube

"Gallida died to bring these cubes back from Venus and I still don't know why." —Despoina Kore
Kabr's Pocket Watch's Icon

Kabr's Pocket Watch

The tick-tock of this strange watch sometimes feels like a heartbeat.
Horn of Six Wars's Icon

Horn of Six Wars

How many have died with the blast of this horn ringing in their ears?