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Secret Greeting's Icon

Secret Greeting

Are we best friends now?
Air Guitar's Icon

Air Guitar

You rock!
Bow Down's Icon

Bow Down

I acknowledge your greatness!
Slow Clap's Icon

Slow Clap

Great. Just great. That was really, really great.
Jazz Hands's Icon

Jazz Hands

Feelin' the magic in these digits?
Facepalm's Icon


I can't even…
Do It's Icon

Do It

Don't let your dreams be dreams!
Taken Shiver's Icon

Taken Shiver

Oryx is dead, right?
Finger Wag's Icon

Finger Wag

Not in my house!
Proposal's Icon


Will you take me for better or worse, in the Tower or on patrol, for as long as we both have Light?
Fist Bump's Icon

Fist Bump

Pound it!
Victory Wave's Icon

Victory Wave

Only for winners. This item will only be available for purchase during the SRL event.
High Five's Icon

High Five

Oh yeah!
Oh, Please's Icon

Oh, Please

All right already!
Victory Cheer's Icon

Victory Cheer

That's what I'm talkin' about!
Booyah's Icon


How you like me now?
Formal Bow's Icon

Formal Bow

A little courtesy never hurt anyone.
Pumped Up's Icon

Pumped Up

All right!
Evil Scheme's Icon

Evil Scheme

Come at Me's Icon

Come at Me

You want a piece of this?
Swing's Icon


And it's outta here!
Charmed's Icon


That's so sweet!
Point's Icon


That, that there!
Congrats's Icon


Good job, buddy.
Cower's Icon


Make it stop! Make it stop!
Bring It On's Icon

Bring It On

Whatever you got, it ain't enough.
Tantrum's Icon


No no no no NO!
Blowing a Kiss's Icon

Blowing a Kiss

I could kiss you right now.
Safe's Icon


Yyeeeeeeer SAFE!
Flip Coin's Icon

Flip Coin

Heads or Tails?
Sad's Icon


Feeling blue…
Yes's Icon


Yes, absolutely.
Nope's Icon


No way, no time, no how.
Thumbs Up's Icon

Thumbs Up

I can go for that.
Thumbs Down's Icon

Thumbs Down

I don't think so.
Clap's Icon


Well done.
Forehead Slap's Icon

Forehead Slap

Rude Taunt's Icon

Rude Taunt

Don't make me taunt you again.
Amazed's Icon


Mind. Blown.
Praise the Light's Icon

Praise the Light

The Light sustains us.
Sumo's Icon


Prepare for battle.
Jump Shot's Icon

Jump Shot

Nothing but net!
Toe Tap's Icon

Toe Tap

We're waiting…
Shadow Boxing's Icon

Shadow Boxing

Put 'em up! Put 'em up!
Winded's Icon


Hold up, I need a second…
Sorrow's Icon


Why, cruel world? Why?
Watch Your Back's Icon

Watch Your Back

It's your neck on the line, pal.
Laugh's Icon


That's hilarious.
Yawn's Icon


So bored…
Bye-Bye's Icon


See ya later.
Crane Kick's Icon

Crane Kick

You're the best…
Praise the Gun's Icon

Praise the Gun

It's not just for Acolytes.
I Don't Know's Icon

I Don't Know

Why are you even asking me?
Good Game's Icon

Good Game

Well played!
Whoa There's Icon

Whoa There

Hold your Sparrows.
Waving Taunt's Icon

Waving Taunt

Get on my level!
Graceful Sneeze's Icon

Graceful Sneeze

Pew Pew's Icon

Pew Pew

Quick on the draw.
Mix It Up's Icon

Mix It Up

Stir up some trouble.
Score's Icon


Yep, that counts.
No You Didn't's Icon

No You Didn't

With attitude.
Please's Icon


Pretty, pretty please...
Thanks's Icon


A little appreciation goes a long way.


Details Cost
The Sprinkler's Icon

The Sprinkler

Nailed it.
Ham(mer) It Up's Icon

Ham(mer) It Up

It's a smash hit!
The Circle Glide's Icon

The Circle Glide

Fight the statics quo!
Awkward Dance's Icon

Awkward Dance

Very funky.
Strange Dance's Icon

Strange Dance

I have no idea what I'm doing.
Energetic Dance's Icon

Energetic Dance

You've got the moves.
Duo Dance's Icon

Duo Dance

Bust a move with your buddy.
Club Dance's Icon

Club Dance

Feel the beat. Feel the love.
Kicks Dance's Icon

Kicks Dance

I think I can dance.
Trotting Dance's Icon

Trotting Dance

You've got style.
Challenge Dance's Icon

Challenge Dance

Let's settle this on the dance floor.
Wiggly Leg Dance's Icon

Wiggly Leg Dance

Show off your moves.
Enthusiastic Dance's Icon

Enthusiastic Dance

Can't stop dancing!
Instructional Dance's Icon

Instructional Dance

Such fresh moves…
Suave Dance's Icon

Suave Dance

The fanciest dance.
Tiny Dance's Icon

Tiny Dance

Fits in any space.
Thunder Dance's Icon

Thunder Dance

Go go go on your Sparrow!