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The Speaker Vendor

The Speaker's Icon
An ancient scholar of the Traveler, the Speaker keeps special items for Guardians who explore the Light's mysteries.
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5/30/2017 9:00:00 AM


Details Cost
Winter Sky Shell's Icon

Winter Sky Shell

For Ghosts who feel blue.
Glimmer x820
Turquoise Shell's Icon

Turquoise Shell

For Ghosts with bright personalities.
Glimmer x820
Frontier Shell's Icon

Frontier Shell

Tough, rugged, and defiantly colored - ready to brave the high frontier. Ghosts can self-modify at will.
Cult/Trinary Star's Icon

Cult/Trinary Star

The mark of the Trinary Star, the hidden cult who curse the Traveler's light.
Legendary Marks x60 Mote of Light x25
Cosmic Joke's Icon

Cosmic Joke

An infamous cloak, scavenged off the corpses of its owners numerous times on the frontier.
Legendary Marks x60 Mote of Light x25
Thalor's Golden Maul's Icon

Thalor's Golden Maul

The legendary mark of Thalor, a victor in the Crucible.
Legendary Marks x60 Mote of Light x25
Season of Ages XII's Icon

Season of Ages XII

A warbanner marking the twelfth era of the Titan orders.
Legendary Marks x60 Mote of Light x25
Spirit of the Vulture's Icon

Spirit of the Vulture

Before grace, subsistence. Before nobility, survival.
Legendary Marks x60 Mote of Light x25
Ulan-Tan's Burial Ring's Icon

Ulan-Tan's Burial Ring

A replica of the legendary burial ring of Ulan-Tan.
Legendary Marks x60 Mote of Light x25


Details Cost
Gunslinger's Cloak's Icon

Gunslinger's Cloak

In the dark days before the Last City, all a Hunter had was the Light and a steady aim.
Legendary Marks x75
Bladedancer's Cloak's Icon

Bladedancer's Cloak

"These blades…they're an extension of your arm, your reflexes, your Light."
Legendary Marks x75
Nightstalker's Cloak's Icon

Nightstalker's Cloak

"We are the rangers, the keen-eyed scouts who stalk the Darkness where it dwells."
Legendary Marks x75
Voidwalker's Bond's Icon

Voidwalker's Bond

"Others flee from the Darkness. Only we dare stare into its depths."
Legendary Marks x75
Sunsinger's Bond's Icon

Sunsinger's Bond

Any scholar can understand the theory, but only those who hear the music can make Light sing.
Legendary Marks x75
Stormcaller's Bond's Icon

Stormcaller's Bond

"Let me tell you what I wish someone had told me in my early years: embrace the stillness." —Ikora Rey
Legendary Marks x75
Striker's Mark's Icon

Striker's Mark

"It's what we do. It's as natural as breathing." —Holborn
Legendary Marks x75
Defender's Mark's Icon

Defender's Mark

At Six Fronts, defending the Wall was not enough. Titans had to become a wall.
Legendary Marks x75
Sunbreaker's Mark's Icon

Sunbreaker's Mark

Once, these marks streamed proudly from the City's rooftops. Now, they are a symbol of defiance.
Legendary Marks x75