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Ocean of Storms Sources

Ocean of Storms's Icon
This item can drop in the Ocean of Storms on the Moon.
Jade Rabbit Insignia's Icon

Jade Rabbit Insignia Emblems / Emblem

Gwalior Type 0's Icon

Gwalior Type 0 Helmet / Helmet

The abstract etching on the interior recalls Earth's great fortresses. Do not admire during combat.
Nox Cantor III's Icon

Nox Cantor III Special Weapons / Fusion Rifle

The well-balanced NCIII fusion rifle balances power with ease of manufacture.
Mark of the Chosen's Icon

Mark of the Chosen Class Armor / Titan Mark

"Your Light drives your armor. Do not speak of yourself as separate from the plate." - Pujari, Transcript XV
Chroma Vow's Icon

Chroma Vow Helmet / Helmet

"As a Warlock ascends, the helmet becomes more than mere protection. Something must anchor the mind as it soars."
Glimmer's Icon

Glimmer Glimmer / Currency

The currency of the City. A programmable matter used as a source of power before the Collapse. Glimmer is shared between all your characters.
Tengu Operant's Icon

Tengu Operant Chest Armor / Chest Armor

The vestments of an old gnostic order, sworn to search for an absolute that exists beyond symbols.
Komarov 3.1's Icon

Komarov 3.1 Helmet / Helmet

Never lose your bearings. A disoriented Hunter cannot select vital targets or track lines of flight.
Brawler's Cloak's Icon

Brawler's Cloak Class Armor / Hunter Cloak

Hunters may be averse to centralized organization, but nothing is more fearsome than a coordinated stalk.
"Trained Chaos"'s Icon

"Trained Chaos" Class Armor / Warlock Bond

"Control space and time. Mere matter and energy will follow."
Cryptid 4.6's Icon

Cryptid 4.6 Chest Armor / Chest Armor

A delicately planed cuirass and hand-circuited wire all mark this armor as a labor of love.
Arihant Type 1's Icon

Arihant Type 1 Chest Armor / Chest Armor

"All Light has a source: a fire, a filament, a star. Battle is how we seek that origin." - Pujari, The Transcripts
Sparrow S-10's Icon

Sparrow S-10 Vehicle / Vehicle

Quick on the ground and small enough for transmat deployment.
Helium Filaments's Icon

Helium Filaments Materials / Material

Filaments of helium-3 fusion fuel, gathered from the lunar regolith by a helium coil.