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Vehicle Surface vehicles at your disposal.


XV2 Replicator's Icon

XV2 Replicator

The Sparrow, perfected.
XV1 Usurper's Icon

XV1 Usurper

Long ride the king!
S-31C Phoenix's Icon

S-31C Phoenix

This variant of the coveted Phoenix has an improved powerplant.
S-30C Phoenix's Icon

S-30C Phoenix

The coveted S-30C Phoenix is reserved for Guardians who demonstrate exceptional resolve.
S-32C Phoenix's Icon

S-32C Phoenix

This variant of the coveted Phoenix has a powerful drive and agile thrusters.
SR-1 Swiftriver's Icon

SR-1 Swiftriver

Upgraded field engine makes the Swiftriver more nimble than ever.
S-34 Ravensteel's Icon

S-34 Ravensteel

The Sparrow is your pen, speed your ink, the open road your blank page. You are a poet of motion.
SR-0 Swiftriver's Icon

SR-0 Swiftriver

Don't fight it. Flow with it.
Upgraded S-30C's Icon

Upgraded S-30C

This Series-30C Phoenix's plasma drive makes a compelling argument for speed over safety.
Upgraded S-30C's Icon

Upgraded S-30C

This Series-30C Phoenix's strange drive leaves an unusual green trail.
Upgraded S-30C's Icon

Upgraded S-30C

This Series-30C Phoenix's prototype drive is tinted purple by exotic void reactions.
Upgraded S-30C's Icon

Upgraded S-30C

This Series-30C Phoenix's stealth drive filters out most high frequency emissions.
SV7 "War Runner"'s Icon

SV7 "War Runner"

A high-end Sparrow earned by those Guardians who prove their worth in the Trials of Osiris.
Special Requisition's Icon

Special Requisition

Guardian, The Vanguard set this aside for your personal use. They prize their Sparrows. You must hold great promise indeed. —Special Orders
E-47 Prismatica's Icon

E-47 Prismatica

The quickness of a rainbow, here and gone.
Sparrow S-32V's Icon

Sparrow S-32V

The Series-32V offers superb power and sterling maneuverability.
Sparrow S-30V's Icon

Sparrow S-30V

The Vanguard reserves the Series-30 Sparrow for the most successful Guardians.
Sparrow S-31V's Icon

Sparrow S-31V

The Series-31V sports an improved powerplant.
S-22 Cavalier's Icon

S-22 Cavalier

The Series-22 Cavalier helps put Titans right where they belong--in the thick of the battle.
S-20 Cavalier's Icon

S-20 Cavalier

The Series-20 Cavalier is a Titan mainstay, more robust and reliable than the baseline Sparrow.
S-21 Cavalier's Icon

S-21 Cavalier

Titans tune their thrust bikes to handle the burden of heavy armor.
EV-31 Nightbird's Icon

EV-31 Nightbird

Drive fast and take risks.
EV-30 Tumbler's Icon

EV-30 Tumbler

It takes a skilled field mechanic to disable limiters without destabilizing the entire drive.
EV-33 Dragonrider's Icon

EV-33 Dragonrider

At some point, it will come down to how tightly you can hold on.
EV-32 Snowblind's Icon

EV-32 Snowblind

In modifying field drives, the limiting factor is tolerance to the possibility of explosive disassembly.
Arecibo Answer's Icon

Arecibo Answer

"It's time to go. It's time to be our own answer." —Arach Jalaal
S-41 Poison Apple's Icon

S-41 Poison Apple

Spill some sugar in your wake to help their bitter defeat go down.
Lysander's Cry's Icon

Lysander's Cry

You've recreated the fall of the Concordat, and something answered.
EV-53 Glimmergold's Icon

EV-53 Glimmergold

Glorious as auroras and bright as the Dawning.
EV-46 Bitstorm's Icon

EV-46 Bitstorm

Flash like lightning.
EV-48 King's Touch's Icon

EV-48 King's Touch

Fast as scientific development in the Golden Age.
EV-44 Firefly's Icon

EV-44 Firefly

Blink for love and beep for joy.
EV-45 Bitfire's Icon

EV-45 Bitfire

Coast red, boost blue.
EV-51 Sunstroke's Icon

EV-51 Sunstroke

Solar power thrums in the thrusters.
EV-52 Lavabird's Icon

EV-52 Lavabird

Optimized for racing. The perfect machine.
EV-49 Phantasm's Icon

EV-49 Phantasm

The thrusters smell faintly of the swamp.
EV-50 Mirage's Icon

EV-50 Mirage

The chassis is sealed against rust.
Flamecourser's Icon


Fire in your eyes, ash in your wake.
S-35 Aeon Glow's Icon

S-35 Aeon Glow

Turn on the lights.
Days of Wind's Icon

Days of Wind

"Awoken grieve for Kell-Queen. I grieve too… but grieve with open eyes. Do you know what I see?" —Variks