Items Listing

Self-Repairing Mod Warlock Bond Mod
Arc Paragon Mod Titan Mark Mod
Empty Mod Socket
Void Damage Mod Weapon Mod
Dead Orbit's Fate Shader
Dead Orbit Camo Shader
Particle Accelerator Weapon Ornament
Power Bracket Mod Chest Armor Mod
Autoloader Sparrow Mod
Nessus Experience Log Ghost Module
Survivalist Hunter Armor Intrinsic
Wanderwing Ship
Warlock's Flight Emblem
Hunter's Wit Emblem
Titan's Pride Emblem
Io Glimmer Scavenger Ghost Module
Titan Experience Log Ghost Module
The First Wave Emblem
Emperor's Shadows Emblem
Kadi 55-30's Blessing Emblem
No mod currently selected.
Equip this to a weapon to charge its rounds with Void energy.
Our hope lies far beyond the familiar. Apply this shader to your gear to show allegiance to Dead Orbit.
To escape, one must pass unnoticed. Apply this shader to your gear to show allegiance to Dead Orbit.
Equip this Weapon Ornament to change the appearance of Graviton Lance.
Automatically reloads your weapons when you board the vehicle.
Gain 10% more XP while on Nessus.
Hawthorne gave you this old, heavily refurbished jumpship. Not moddable.
Increase Glimmer gains by 10% on Io.
Gain 10% more experience while on the moon Titan.