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Emblem Collection
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9/25/2017 2:50:52 AM

Class Starter

Details Cost
Officer Crest's Icon

Officer Crest

Veteran Crest's Icon

Veteran Crest

Commander Crest's Icon

Commander Crest

Aspect of Blood's Icon

Aspect of Blood

Aspect of Dust's Icon

Aspect of Dust

Aspect of Shadow's Icon

Aspect of Shadow

Rune of the Disciple's Icon

Rune of the Disciple

Rune of the Adept's Icon

Rune of the Adept

Rune of the Oracle's Icon

Rune of the Oracle


Details Cost
Element of the Dead Sun's Icon

Element of the Dead Sun

Symbol of the Magister's Icon

Symbol of the Magister


Details Cost
The Rising's Icon

The Rising

Mammoth's Icon


Cyclops Mind's Icon

Cyclops Mind

Sheltered Truth's Icon

Sheltered Truth

Gen Golgotha's Icon

Gen Golgotha

Revolver's Icon


Abraxas's Icon


Bomb Squad's Icon

Bomb Squad

Command's Icon


Crypto Shift's Icon

Crypto Shift

The Obelisk's Icon

The Obelisk

The Rising Night's Icon

The Rising Night

Mammoth II's Icon

Mammoth II

Cyclops Mind II's Icon

Cyclops Mind II

Sheltered Truth II's Icon

Sheltered Truth II

Gen Golgotha II's Icon

Gen Golgotha II

Honeybee IV's Icon

Honeybee IV

Abraxas II's Icon

Abraxas II

Bomb Squad II's Icon

Bomb Squad II

Command II's Icon

Command II

Crypto Shift II's Icon

Crypto Shift II

The Obelisk II's Icon

The Obelisk II

Häkke's Icon


Omolon's Icon


Cassoid's Icon


Rune of the Machine's Icon

Rune of the Machine

Winterborn Mark's Icon

Winterborn Mark

Alchemist Cast's Icon

Alchemist Cast

Symbol of the Wolf's Icon

Symbol of the Wolf

Born of Fire's Icon

Born of Fire

Jade Rabbit Insignia's Icon

Jade Rabbit Insignia

Daito's Icon


Crux/Lomar's Icon


Suros's Icon


Tex Mechanica's Icon

Tex Mechanica

Nadir's Icon


Sigil of Seven's Icon

Sigil of Seven

Emerald Rook's Icon

Emerald Rook

Archivist's Seal's Icon

Archivist's Seal

Thorium Leaf's Icon

Thorium Leaf

Victory Eagle II's Icon

Victory Eagle II

Crest of the Gravesinger's Icon

Crest of the Gravesinger

Honor of Blades's Icon

Honor of Blades

Dead Zone Memento's Icon

Dead Zone Memento

Echo of Shattered Suns's Icon

Echo of Shattered Suns

Little Light's Icon

Little Light

Blessing of the Watcher's Icon

Blessing of the Watcher

Blessing of the Ancients's Icon

Blessing of the Ancients

Blessing of the Skeptic's Icon

Blessing of the Skeptic

Blessing of the Sentinel's Icon

Blessing of the Sentinel

Blessing of the Joined's Icon

Blessing of the Joined

Blessing of IV's Icon

Blessing of IV

Blessing of the Speaker's Icon

Blessing of the Speaker

Blessing of the Unmade's Icon

Blessing of the Unmade

Blessing of the Gifted's Icon

Blessing of the Gifted

Blessing of the Zealot's Icon

Blessing of the Zealot

Blessing of the Knight's Icon

Blessing of the Knight

Blessing of Worlds's Icon

Blessing of Worlds


Details Cost
Sigil of Deviance's Icon

Sigil of Deviance

Sigil of the War Cult's Icon

Sigil of the War Cult

Sigil of the War Cult II's Icon

Sigil of the War Cult II

Sigil of the Eternal Night's Icon

Sigil of the Eternal Night

Sigil of the Burning Dawn's Icon

Sigil of the Burning Dawn

Sigil of the Coming War's Icon

Sigil of the Coming War

Badge of the Monarchy's Icon

Badge of the Monarchy

Badge of the Monarchy II's Icon

Badge of the Monarchy II

Badge of the Patron's Icon

Badge of the Patron

Badge of the Patron II's Icon

Badge of the Patron II

Executor's Red Mark's Icon

Executor's Red Mark

Crown of the New Monarchy's Icon

Crown of the New Monarchy

Omen of the Dead's Icon

Omen of the Dead

Omen of the Dead II's Icon

Omen of the Dead II

Omen of Chaos's Icon

Omen of Chaos

Omen of Chaos II's Icon

Omen of Chaos II

Omen of the Exodus's Icon

Omen of the Exodus

Omen of the Decayer's Icon

Omen of the Decayer


Details Cost
Sigil of the Iron Lords's Icon

Sigil of the Iron Lords

Scar of Radegast's Icon

Scar of Radegast

Iron Pride's Icon

Iron Pride

The Ironwood Tree's Icon

The Ironwood Tree

Ironwood Alight's Icon

Ironwood Alight

The New Wolf Pack's Icon

The New Wolf Pack


Details Cost
Winner's Circle's Icon

Winner's Circle

Martius Momentum's Icon

Martius Momentum

Blessing of Momentum's Icon

Blessing of Momentum

Mercy of Motion's Icon

Mercy of Motion

Crest of Velocity's Icon

Crest of Velocity

Signet of Speed's Icon

Signet of Speed


Details Cost
Crota's End's Icon

Crota's End

Devourer of Light's Icon

Devourer of Light

Kingsbane's Icon


The Ascendant's Icon

The Ascendant

Worm Gods' Servant's Icon

Worm Gods' Servant

Of Light and Hunger's Icon

Of Light and Hunger

Machine God's Bane's Icon

Machine God's Bane

Devil Undone's Icon

Devil Undone

Vosik's Venom's Icon

Vosik's Venom

Machina Sacra's Icon

Machina Sacra

The SIVA Solution's Icon

The SIVA Solution

The Dark Below

Details Cost
Dark Harvest's Icon

Dark Harvest

Sigil of Night's Icon

Sigil of Night

Blade of Crota's Icon

Blade of Crota

Eris Morn's Icon

Eris Morn

House of Wolves

Details Cost
Queen's Guard Crest's Icon

Queen's Guard Crest

Crown of the Sovereign's Icon

Crown of the Sovereign

Corsair's Badge's Icon

Corsair's Badge

Paladin's Blazon's Icon

Paladin's Blazon

Sentinel's Crest's Icon

Sentinel's Crest

Wolfhunter's Icon


Firm Decree's Icon

Firm Decree

Judgment's Right Hand's Icon

Judgment's Right Hand

Kellbreaker's Icon


The Taken King

Details Cost
No Puppet, I's Icon

No Puppet, I

Dragoon's Icon


Wolfsgrin's Icon


Silent Scream's Icon

Silent Scream

Our Kingdom's Icon

Our Kingdom

Verisimilitude's Icon


Spectrum Theory's Icon

Spectrum Theory

Flow of Knowledge's Icon

Flow of Knowledge

House of Judgment's Icon

House of Judgment

Prison of Elders I's Icon

Prison of Elders I

Prison of Elders II's Icon

Prison of Elders II

The Pitiless Bargain's Icon

The Pitiless Bargain

The Perfect Shot's Icon

The Perfect Shot

The Entertainer's Icon

The Entertainer

On the Edge's Icon

On the Edge

Might of Vulcan's Icon

Might of Vulcan

The Inexorable's Icon

The Inexorable

The Living Wall's Icon

The Living Wall

Paean of Resplendence's Icon

Paean of Resplendence

Eye of the Storm's Icon

Eye of the Storm

Infinitesimal's Icon


Shield of the Traveler's Icon

Shield of the Traveler

Hear the Call's Icon

Hear the Call


Details Cost
Pride of Nepal's Icon

Pride of Nepal

Lone Focus, Jagged Edge's Icon

Lone Focus, Jagged Edge

Field of Light's Icon

Field of Light

SUROS Fire's Icon


Be Brave's Icon

Be Brave

Laurea Prima's Icon

Laurea Prima

Transcendence's Icon


Illusion of Light's Icon

Illusion of Light

Note of Conquest's Icon

Note of Conquest

Binding Focus's Icon

Binding Focus

Sign of the Finite's Icon

Sign of the Finite

Union of Light's Icon

Union of Light

The Inner Circle's Icon

The Inner Circle

From Here, The Stars's Icon

From Here, The Stars

Rising Light's Icon

Rising Light

Ab Aeterno's Icon

Ab Aeterno

The Reflective Proof's Icon

The Reflective Proof

Flames of Forgotten Truth's Icon

Flames of Forgotten Truth

The Unimagined Plane's Icon

The Unimagined Plane

Insula Thesauraria's Icon

Insula Thesauraria

Dawn of Destiny's Icon

Dawn of Destiny

Vanguard Honor's Icon

Vanguard Honor

7-7 Ad Infinitum's Icon

7-7 Ad Infinitum

Heart of the Foundation's Icon

Heart of the Foundation

Eye of Eternity's Icon

Eye of Eternity

Earthborn's Icon


Resurrectionist's Icon


The Undying Light's Icon

The Undying Light

Sign of the Battleborn's Icon

Sign of the Battleborn

Sign of the Infinite's Icon

Sign of the Infinite

Can't Stop the Signal's Icon

Can't Stop the Signal


Details Cost
Crimson Crest's Icon

Crimson Crest

Star of Dawn's Icon

Star of Dawn

Swords of Dawn's Icon

Swords of Dawn

Rise of Iron

Details Cost
Memories of Iron's Icon

Memories of Iron

Shield of the City's Icon

Shield of the City

Vigilamus Noctu's Icon

Vigilamus Noctu

Trials of Osiris

Details Cost
Prince Sigil's Icon

Prince Sigil

Emperor Sigil's Icon

Emperor Sigil

Moon of Osiris's Icon

Moon of Osiris

Sun of Osiris's Icon

Sun of Osiris

Scarab Heart's Icon

Scarab Heart

Bastet's Dream's Icon

Bastet's Dream

Vigilant Disciple's Icon

Vigilant Disciple

Solar Labor's Icon

Solar Labor

Raid II

Details Cost
Collapse of Space's Icon

Collapse of Space

Glass and Time's Icon

Glass and Time

Silence After Song's Icon

Silence After Song

Soul Extracted's Icon

Soul Extracted

Ages of Triumph I

Details Cost
Traveler's Eclipse's Icon

Traveler's Eclipse

Citywatch's Icon


Comet's Heart's Icon

Comet's Heart

Logical Conclusion's Icon

Logical Conclusion

All in All's Icon

All in All

Ab Principio's Icon

Ab Principio

Tenebrae Lunae's Icon

Tenebrae Lunae

Lupi Reginae's Icon

Lupi Reginae

Clades Orygis's Icon

Clades Orygis

Umbra Veris's Icon

Umbra Veris

Memoria Ferri's Icon

Memoria Ferri

Ring of Triumphs's Icon

Ring of Triumphs

Insignia of Triumphs's Icon

Insignia of Triumphs

Strength of Ages's Icon

Strength of Ages

Elegance of Ages's Icon

Elegance of Ages

Wisdom of Ages's Icon

Wisdom of Ages

Veteran's Scars's Icon

Veteran's Scars

Valor in Darkness's Icon

Valor in Darkness

Vanguard's Edge's Icon

Vanguard's Edge

The Tale Told's Icon

The Tale Told

Having It All's Icon

Having It All

Wayfinder's Icon


Trust and Honor's Icon

Trust and Honor

By Fire's Icon

By Fire

Vanguard Signet's Icon

Vanguard Signet

Crucible Signet's Icon

Crucible Signet

Arach and Ruin's Icon

Arach and Ruin

Cult Arcanum's Icon

Cult Arcanum

Blood of the Monarchy's Icon

Blood of the Monarchy