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Old Russia Sources

Old Russia's Icon
This item can drop in Old Russia on Earth.
Sinaa Jaguar 2.1's Icon

Sinaa Jaguar 2.1 Chest Armor / Chest Armor

Someone stripped the lining of insulation, as if they wanted the wearer to be sore and angry.
Forester 2.1's Icon

Forester 2.1 Gauntlets / Gauntlets

The wilderness reclaimed Earth after the Collapse. Now Hunters reclaim the wilderness.
Spinmetal's Icon

Spinmetal Materials / Material

A filigree of bubbled metal grown by wild colonies of Golden Age cytoconstructors.
Gatewatch's Icon

Gatewatch Gauntlets / Gauntlets

The gauntlet, vambrace, and joints of a Titan's arms must withstand colossal forces.
Glimmer's Icon

Glimmer Glimmer / Currency

The currency of the City. A programmable matter used as a source of power before the Collapse. Glimmer is shared between all your characters.
S-22 Cavalier's Icon

S-22 Cavalier Vehicle / Vehicle

The Series-22 Cavalier helps put Titans right where they belong--in the thick of the battle.
Psi Tempus III's Icon

Psi Tempus III Primary Weapons / Pulse Rifle

Multirole weapon. Fire control system can double as an NLS drive regulator, if you don't mind a gun flying your ship.
Agema Type 0's Icon

Agema Type 0 Chest Armor / Chest Armor

A derivative of the Gatewatch pattern, Agema armor incorporates the lessons of too many bloody stands.
S-20 Seeker's Icon

S-20 Seeker Vehicle / Vehicle

Warlocks devised the Series-20 Seeker variant of the Sparrow for their own arcane purposes.
Baron RS/2a's Icon

Baron RS/2a Heavy Weapons / Rocket Launcher

Shoulder-fired devastation. The Baron RS/2a is a general-purpose launcher that was used as a testbed for later development.
Enigma Burn's Icon

Enigma Burn Chest Armor / Chest Armor

"To ignore the the City's peril is to sequester oneself from truth." - Pujari, The Transcripts
Sparrow S-10's Icon

Sparrow S-10 Vehicle / Vehicle

Quick on the ground and small enough for transmat deployment.
S-22 Nomad's Icon

S-22 Nomad Vehicle / Vehicle

The Series-22 Nomad helps Hunters stalk swift prey.
Vector Oath's Icon

Vector Oath Gauntlets / Gauntlets

Warlocks learn marksmanship as quickly as anything else.