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Speed Kills

"I promised Zavala the SRL wouldn't be a distraction. So if we want to have our fun, I need someone to help me deal with a few tasks." —Amanda Holliday

1. Flight of the Splicers

Kill Fallen and Devil Splicers in the Plaguelands. "Shiro says the Splicers are pushing toward the Iron Temple. How about you push back?" —Amanda Holliday


• Kill Fallen in Plaguelands
Completion Value
Old Russia, Earth

2. Rise to the Challenge

Defeat Champions in the Challenge of the Elders. "I know the Reef is a bit out of the way, Guardian, but maybe you can pay Variks a visit on your way to the SRL tracks." —Amanda Holliday


• Challenge Complete
The Reef

3. Wherever They're Found

Complete quests within the allotted time. "Clock's tickin', Guardian. Get those Taken before they call their friends." —Amanda Holliday


• Complete "Fear's Embrace" before time runs out.
Fleetbase Korus, Phobos
• Complete "Outbound Signal" before time runs out.
Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn

4. Return to Amanda Holliday

Speak to Amanda Holliday in the Tower. "That should be enough to keep the Vanguard happy, but I don't expect the Taken to stay down for long." —Amanda Holliday


The Last City, Earth