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Exotic Gear

Material Exchange

Daily / Weekly Missions

Fallen S.A.B.E.R.

Nightfall Strike

Rush to the aid of the AI Warmind Rasputin as he broadcasts a plea for help across the system.

Blighted Coven

Daily Story Mission

Investigate the rumors of a Taken coven in the Cosmodrome.

Challenge of the Elders

Keksis the Betrayed

Light Level

✦ 310



Seditious Mind

Light Level

✦ 320



Wretched Knight

Light Level

✦ 330




Crucible Bounties

Press the Advantage

In a team game mode, defeat 3 opposing Guardians while your team has the lead.

Killing Wind

Rapidly defeat 3 Guardians.

Aerial Surgeon

Defeat an opposing Guardian with a Throwing Knife headshot.

Control Freak

Capture 5 Control zones.

Take the Middle

Capture Zone B first in a match.

Organized Play

Complete 3 matches in any playlist(s) while in a Fireteam of 2 or more players.

Vanguard Bounties

Mars Reconnaissance

Collect resource nodes, open chests and kill enemies on Mars.


Earn 10,000 XP without dying.

Call Lightning

Get 30 kills with Arc Abilities.

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Kill 15 enemies with attachable grenades.

House Breaking

Defeat 10 Fallen Majors or Ultras.

Hive Hunting

Defeat 50 Hive.

Petra Venj Bounties

Etheric Light Donation

Increase your Faction standing by donating Etheric Light to help stock Faction reserves.

Lord Shaxx Bounties

Individual Achievement

Complete Crucible matches with an individual score of at least 1500 points.

Making an Impact

Win 7 matches.

Crucible Combat

Win one game in three different Crucible game modes.

Featured Matches

Earn points in any featured Crucible playlist. Wins are worth 3 points. Completing a match is worth 1 point.

Rifles and Cannons

Defeat 10 opposing Guardians with each Primary Weapon type:

The True Meaning of War

Complete all 5 of Shaxx's weekly bounties in one week.

Arcite 99-40 Bounties

Full Auto

Complete matches in any playlist with a minimum of 6 Auto Rifle kills.

Ballistic Trauma

Complete matches in any playlist with at least 6 Hand Cannon kills.

Full Auto Expert

Complete a match in any playlist with a minimum of 9 Auto Rifle kills.

Ballistic Trauma Expert

Complete a match in any playlist with a minimum of 9 Hand Cannon kills.